Name: Rajendra Singh Kushwaha
Age: 62 years
Disease: Parkinson’s disease
Date of Therapy: 29th September, 2023
Place: Gorakhpur, India

In 2016, Mr. Singh received news that would change his life forever. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurological disorder that had begun to take its toll on his body. The tremors, motor inactivity, and the sensation of dragging feet while walking had become constant companions, casting a shadow over his once-active and vibrant life.

The diagnosis was a heavy blow, not only for Mr. Singh but also for his loving family. They were determined to explore every possible avenue to improve his condition and provide him with a better quality of life. After researching various treatment options, they found hope in stem cell therapy.

In 2019, the Singh family made the life-altering decision to undergo stem cell therapy at Advancells. The prospect of potentially reducing Mr. Singh’s tremors, enhancing his motor abilities, and addressing his anxiety and emotional imbalances filled them with optimism.

Incredible Results!

The initial stem cell therapy showed remarkable results. Mr. Singh experienced reduced tremors, improved motor activities, and a renewed sense of hope. The therapy not only brought physical relief but also alleviated the emotional burden that comes with a debilitating condition like Parkinson’s disease.

With the success of the first therapy, Mr. Singh and his wife were eager to continue their journey towards a better life. However, the world was soon gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing delays in their plans. Despite the challenges, they remained resolute in their commitment to Mr. Singh’s well-being.

Second Stem Cell Infusion

Finally, the day arrived when they could proceed with Mr. Singh’s second dose of stem cell therapy at Advancells. This time, the treatment involved the injection of stem cells in combination with exosomes via intravenous lumbar puncture.

Mr. Singh’s wife, overwhelmed with gratitude for the improvements she had witnessed in her husband’s condition, shared her thoughts, “After his first therapy, we were so happy with the results that we wanted to go for a second dose. People should consider this phenomenal treatment. We have decided to provide stem cell therapy for my husband every year after witnessing the remarkable results.”

As Mr. Singh continues his journey toward better health, Advancells is dedicated to monitoring and serving his evolving needs. The story of Mr. Singh’s triumph over Parkinson’s disease is an inspiring testament to the power of science, hope, and unwavering family support. In the face of adversity, they found a path to a brighter future, and together, they will continue to navigate it with determination and optimism.