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Ankylosing Spondilytis, is a kind of  inflammatory, autoimmune disorder of unknown etiology primarily affecting the spine, axial skeleton and large proximal joints of the body, this may inturn lead to eventual fusion of the spine.It can rage from mild to progressively degenerating diseases.

Although autoimmune, 90% of the patients suffering from the condition have proved to express the presence of HLA-B27 geneotype, confirming the genetic association of the disorder. Estimates may vary but it is observed that young men between the age group 20-40 are affected. The characterization of AS is done various symptoms, three of them occur most generally and they are pain, stiffness,excessive fatigue etc. Although the symptoms are very generalized there are some telltale conditions such as severe back pain.

The current treatments include severe physiotherapy, medication and other rehabilitation approach. However with these treatment regimen the pathophysiology of the disease is not reversed neither the further progression is stopped. On the contrary, the cutting edge stem cell treatment can offer the solution  for the condition. Stem are the very original, naïve cells capable of forming any cells of the same or different lineage.

Ankylosing Spondilytis is a kind of arthritis mainly affecting the spine, but sometimes other organs are also involved.

Mentioned below is case analysis of a patient who had been suffering from Ankylosing Spondilytis. And at a young age of 25 years, he was unable to walk. Now after stem cells treatment he has started walking and his quality of life has improved.

Case Study:

Name of the patient:- Rahul (name is changed for privacy reasons)

Disease: Ankylosing Spondilytis

Rahul was suffering from Ankylosing Spondilytis since past 14 years. Painful joints, restricted movements and stiffness in the body was his way of life. Although Rahul doesn’t have any family history of joint diseases.

Rahul’s symptoms started with sudden onset of the back pain, which went on to be severe with the whole body aches, upto the extent that he could hardly walk or if he could, he started walking like an old man. Although the initial X ray analysis showed nothing, may be because practically it take several years to show changes associated with the spine. Consequently Rahul had to visit rheumatologists, who confirmed after almost 3 years that he is suffering from AS. His treatment regimen involved diet plan, some oral medications and restricted sports activities.

However, as per Rahul’s observation, the medicines were just anti-inflammatory and turned out to be placebo’s. Additionally these medicines welcomed other side effects such as swelling, bloating, headaches etc. As a result , with the progression of time, the symtoms got worsen with more tighten and sore back and other medicinal side effects. Although Rahul was very unwilling to let this chronic disease take over him, and desperately wanted some new treatment or modern medicine, which will help him to get back to the life again. With lot of research and through understanding of stem cells, he opted to be treated with stem cells under the guidance of Advancell’s team.

Ever since, Rahul underwent treatment, he experienced tremendous improvement in his complications. During follow up and pain management programme, he sensed that there is no longer a stiffness, the pain was pretty bearable and he could finally get out of bed and also sometimes could go for some floor exercises.

Rahul is very positive and is thankful to the team of Advancells for all the support and services.*



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