The medical team at Advancells have an expertise in caring patients who have been suffering with Pulmonary Fibrosis, for sale who are on the verge of giving up with life! We are exercising the pattern, diagnosis wherein our team has restructured the landscape of pulmonary fibrosis. Are you curious to know how?  We have framed a novel treatment, wherein person’s own stem cells will be utilized by our experts to regenerate damaged cells of the lungs.

If you haven’t yet heard about the stem cells and their potential, you should check our website, where we have briefed about the possible treatment options, and success stories of our valued patients. Our sole motto is to make people informed and aware about the innovative treatment options and the possible outcome, which is safer than the current mode of treatment. The information provided here will be helpful in getting evidence based knowledge to make guided decisions.

We believe that instead of telling PF patients, what kind of a treatment we can offer; we should be partnering with them, to generate and solve important question, which they must be having at the back of their mind about this relatively new treatment possibility. This will help us to offer customized, unique programme suitable as per the requirement and kind of damage.

So, what exactly our treatment for pulmonary fibrosis on a generalized note?  Stem cells are those first cells of the body, which can differentiate to give rise to different tissue at the time of fetal development inside the mother’s womb. In an adult human, these stem cells are present in different mature organs of the body and are utilized by the body, during diseased condition. Bone marrow and adipose tissue are the two most potent sources of stem cells in our body, which are being utilized by the modern science to treat different diseases, including pulmonary fibrosis.

Stem cells are isolated either from bone marrow or from adipose tissue, treated inside the lab in a very controlled environment; to enrich their concentration. Once concentrated and purified, these cells are being injected back at the site of injury, to allow them to differentiate into damaged cells or regenerate lost cells. Thus being exploited from your own body, they are known to be the safe, causing no adverse reaction.

One of the best features of the kind of treatment is the simplicity and effectiveness! The patient’s stem cells can be isolated with the application of local anaesthesia without any invasive operations. The patient can observe fastest recovery after the treatment. Since the stem cells therapy is minimally manipulated outside the body, they do no harm to the body.

Thus the treatment is unique, however your participation and trust is important to us to make a change!