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Retrobulbar Infusion of cells

Stem cell information

The retrobulbar injection is a very common method routinely exercised by many ophthalmologists for the infusion of stem cells to treat diseased eye such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma and other eye disorders.

In this particular procedure with the local anaesthesia needle will be inserted inferior to the maximum diameter of the globe and perpendicular to your face. Once past the axis; the needle will be angled medially and superiorly. Final needle position will be within the muscle cone. Concentrated number of stem cells will be injected in the area near macula under the eye.

This method of administration is preferred because of the higher number of cells directly into the targeted area to maximise the output. Advancells can also give a combination of two protocols depending what the doctor feels is right for the patient.

Stem cells can be implanted in following major ways. They are:

      arrow imageIntravenous Administration

      arrow imageIntrathecal Administration (Lumbar Puncture)

      arrow imageIntramuscular Administration

      arrow imageIntra-arterial Administration via catheter

      arrow image Intravitreal Infusion

      arrow imageLiberation Angioplasty for Multiple Sclerosis CCSVI

      arrow imageIntra-Dermal Administration

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