All the newspapers and media are rife with the news of sportsmen regularly undergoing stem cell treatments. Captivated by the two magical words “Stem Cells”, Chris Johnsons; one of the most elite NFL players was again hoping to be the same speedster he had always been before the sudden injury to his left knee! The entrant tore his meniscus while running in a 2013 session but still sustained the season; which had furthered the loss to his cartilages. This has ultimately left a sportsman with only one option to amplify the healing process which surgery alone can’t do! A strategy to intensify his own stem cells outside the body and deliver them directly to the target site! With the due suggestion from an orthopedic, he had opted for a stem cell to aid in recovery from injury and stamped it to be the breakthrough in the treatment of sports ailment.

Like Chris hundreds of sportspeople are hoping for the next wave of the technology forefront “Stem Cell Treatment

As we all know our joints and hinges are backed by the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to keep them strong and stable. They are highly in demand in a life of an athlete, however, due to overuse, sudden trauma, or injury; there may be progressive degeneration of these tissues to the extent of ending their carrier. Due to the poor healing capacities of these structures naturally; surgical reconstruction was the only treatment to regain function. But serious complications are associated with the surgeries demanding an alternative therapy. Thanks to the science of regeneration!!! The anecdote is simple yet effective.

Stem cells are the body’s prime architectural cells, with an aptitude of becoming any or all cells of the body. These natural healing units have the ability to attract other cells at the site of injury to reform a new tissue or cartilage.

It is corroborated by the rationale that the body’s own stem cells can be siphoned from well-known sources such as bone marrow or adipose tissue, intensified in the laboratory, and squirted back into the patient’s body directly at the target. Being an autologous procedure is completely safe without any ethical hurdles.

Though many orthopedic surgeons have cautioned about managing expectation; still many famous sportspeople such as Manning, Broncos have credited these Stem cells fully for returning back to their games.

Thus Stem cell therapy can easily be called the ‘Future of Medicine

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