These are exciting times here at Advancells. We are gearing up for the next batch of stem cell treatment in end September. It is a strange feeling when you are working towards one particular date. All preparations hustle and bustle all towards one date.

Everyday we talk to patients and doctors. Everyday we brief them on benefits of stem cell treatment, on their chances of improvement and how the therapy may or might not work for them. You start repeating your lines so much that in some cases you loose the meaning of the lines and just repeat them mechanically. It is a scary feeling frankly. Being in healthcare we listen to tragedies and their implications on a daily basis. Somewhere down the line we filter the emotion and feelings behind the tragedy and simply register the facts in our heads.

This I feel is gross injustice to the patient and their families. We as counselors need to be attentive, not just to the facts of the disease, but also the pain behind the disease. It is important for us to understand how the disease is not letting patients do the things that they love doing most. Focus of treatment must be on helping patients get their lives back, not just getting their lives saved. If a surgery relieves a patient of back pain but does not allow them to ever lift their children or grand children in their arms, in my books it is a failed surgery.

I try to inculcate these values in all our patient counseling team. I hope they remember it because only then they can become friends rather then just a counselor.

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