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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Results

A total of 162 patients were observed and evaluated with spinal cord injury background.

56.8% of the patients showed clinical improvements.

Improved bladder function was seen in 37.7% of the patients, while 35.7% demonstrated better bowel function.

Neurogenic as well as muscle spasm depicted improvement among the patients with a percentage of 52.7% and 50.7% respectively. The Baclofen pump which is used for the treatment of spasm was removed from 2 patients, while the condition of 2 patients deteriorated as the pain reinstated.

In 46 cases i.e. 25% of the total patients - ASIA score forms (completed pre and post treatment) could be collected. The mean score of the ASIA motor increased appreciably with 6 points considering p < 0.001 and so did the sensory score increased by greater than 11 points considering p < 0.001. However in 4 cases there were changes in the ASIA classification: ASIA-A (complete motor/sensory loss below SCI) to - B (complete motor loss) in 3 cases, and ASIA-C (major motor loss) to - D (minor motor loss) in 1 case. The best thing about the study is that none of the patients showed any signs of deterioration.