Stem cell therapy has emerged as a promising new approach in almost every medicine specialty, including burn injuries. Burn injury is a devastating trauma with systemic consequences. Although survival rates are increasing; treating burn injury, remains a great challenge to fulfill its ultimate goal of aesthetic restoration of damaged skin in both aspects, structural and functional. In this regards, stem cell based therapeutic strategies offer new prospects in improving the rate of skin regeneration and quality at wound healing in a better as well as faster way.

Skin burns can happen many times for an unlimited number of reasons in person’s life, such as fire, hot liquid or steam, electric current, strong acids or chemical abuses, etc.;  leading to severally compromised skin texture. Furthermore, if these wounds get no cure on time they become chronic pushing extraordinary health care and cosmetic issues. During festive seasons, people especially children and youth, often try to burn crackers in their hands, which lead to mishap. 1000 of cases are being noticed every year in several hospitals where less than 10% get reliable treatment to live again, as before.

Usually, a burn victim needs a skin graft, the process that takes weeks or lifetime to grow skin on other parts of the body. As a matter of fact, tens of thousands of grafts are being performed each year for burn victims; which may give rise to other opportunistic infections. On the contrary, stem cell therapy is relatively easy technology, with minimum hassle of rejection and other opportunistic infections. The technology is uniquely designed by exploiting patients own stem cells, stimulated with their own Platelet Rich Plasma, to generate new skin, much more quickly and effectively.

With the advancement in science, stem cell treatment is one of the pioneers. The main clinical focus of stem cell application in burns and wound care is to target an improved quality of wound healing. With decreased inflammation and infection. With stem cell administration, the medical practitioner would anticipate to achieve speedy wound closure, acceleration in healing, prevention of wound contracture as well scar formation, and perfect regeneration of the skin and its appendages.

At Advancells it has been evident that with the latest stem cell treatment strategy, many people suffering with extreme burns can be effectively cured, with relatively faster recovery. We definitely wish you to stay away from the causes of burns but if unfortunately any mishap occurs, don’t panic; Stem Cells can give magical transformations. We are here to give you the best treatment with high class assistance.