Knee Replacement vs Knee Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain– If you really want to second guess many orthopedic experts and patients, who agreed to undergo stem cells therapy for their chronic arthritic knee issues; as the best way to address the same, instead of going under the knife for knee replacement? Even if you wish to sort the issue, as a second-guesser; you have fair chances to go with stem cells therapy, after understanding its key benefits.

Knee Stem Cell Therapy:

The time being body’s own enemy, every one of us eventually experiences some or the other sort of pain on your body. Sometimes, it may be originated with bad habits like poor posture maintenance and/or overexploitation of the tissue or may be genetic alterations. Through conventional treatment options, administration of steroidal drugs and anti-inflammatory shots like NSAIDS are the preferred choices, however, their effects seldom last for a longer period of time. Moreover, continuous consumption of these prescribed drugs is thought to be responsible for organ failure. When these organic band-aids fail to heal, many people turn toward surgeries as the only possible option. However, a number of recent studies do not suggest any effective outcome, confirming that surgeries don’t always work! Moreover, in many of the cases, the side effects due to other opportunistic infections and a longer period of rehabilitation can worsen the pain than its pre-surgical counterpart.

Contrary to which, a new crop of non-invasive treatment alternative, utilizing body’s own healing cells to offer faster regeneration of lost and/or dead cells are identified to be the harbingers of a modern medicine. Stem cells are the mother cells, giving rise to an entire cellular system. However, their role doesn’t end as the creators but are as well identified to be the key players in maintaining cellular dynamics. Although, the exact pathway through which stem cells are able to fulfill their assigned tasks is still to be explored; data accumulated so far is suggesting that stem cells obtained from body’s own tissues, like fat and bone marrow when enriched outside in the laboratory and infused back in the joints, exhibit powerful healing effect by secreting different types of growth factors, improving oxygenated blood flow through vascularization, tamp inflammation and accelerate recovery. How do these stem cells know exactly where is the problem? Studies have further confirmed that injured and inflamed cells send signals for SOS assistance, which is being picked up by the new cells. These smart cells then travel all the way to the site of injury to fix up the issue.

Clinicians are thus believing that this technique is offering positive outcome, saving many patients from having to undergo knee replacement.