Staying young and beautiful is a dream for every person and several cosmetic and healthcare products have been bloating it up magnanimously only to leave a hint of disappointment in form of side effects and complications on skin and health. But with these negative effects getting more prominent upon using chemical cosmetics and undergoing risky surgeries, people have started focusing on herbal products and healthy lifestyle choices! These options do reduce the symptoms of aging in one’s body over time but the most significant alternative therapy according to medical advancements in regenerative medicine in form of stem cell therapy. Before discussing how stem cell therapy for anti-aging and skin cell rejuvenation is a potentially beneficial treatment. Let us know a bit about stem cell therapy for anti-aging.   

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are the native cells of the body that can self-proliferate and differentiate into other cell lineages like muscles, joints, bones, and even brain cells. This potential of stem cells makes them the perfect natural candidates for regenerative stem cell therapy in case of tissue repair and rejuvenation. Stem cell therapy also works better when paired with growth factors and cytokines to regulate their functionality in the target site. Stem cell therapy involves extracting stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow or adipose tissue (autologous) and processing them before reinfusion of the stem cells into the patient’s body through intravenous paths or site-specific infusion. Generally, mesenchymal stem cells are used in case of joint or tissue repairs as they have been found to satisfy anti-inflammatory and repair requirements of the damaged tissue regions in the body, thus reversing the damage and allowing regeneration. 

Anti-Aging Treatment By Stem Cells

For several years, using stem cells as a therapeutic candidate in case of for chronic pain, diabetes, or improving skin tone & texture was probably a science fiction or a controversial medical conspiracy but with researchers evidently showing the positive results of stem cell therapy in several diseases and skin aging, regenerative medicine has become a reality in the world of healthcare.

The human body’s ability to heal is impressive due to the population of inbuilt stem cells and with a push using stem cell therapy, this ability increases by several folds. Reversing aging is not just healing injuries, it is about healing and stress recovery like one used to do in youth…faster and more effective! Stem cell therapy curbs skin aging by keeping skin abundantly supplied with elastin and collagen. This reduces wrinkles, acne, and also smoothens skin texture to not just show the reduction of aging symptoms but actually heal tissues from within and rejuvenate them towards their lost youth. Although joint repair and whole body rejuvenation are included in anti-aging, the major part is skin health improvement and keeping one’s body young and fit. Stem cell therapy along with growth factors, hyaluronic acid, cytokines, and platelet-rich plasma has been found to be excellent therapeutic options for Anti-Aging.

Stem Cell Therapy For Skin Health

Almost every person is affected with acne issues or acne-scars and these are believed to be caused by clogged skin pores and sebum secretion. Stem cell therapy with PRP and growth factors trigger the regeneration of resident skin cells and prevent inflammation of the skin tissue, thus cleaning the bumps on the skin and enhancing skin texture. Stem cell therapy can promote skin regeneration at the cellular level effectively, with minimum downtime. The primary reason for big skin pore size is hot and humid temperature conditions and initiating the skin’s innate healing mechanism through stem cell therapy. Wrinkles and stretch marks are bad aging signs that can be reversed by the help of stem cell therapy which promotes collagen generation and tissue rejuvenation. 

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