It brings us tremendous joy to meet the variety of patients we assist recover from traumatic injuries and relieve symptoms of chronic conditions so they can live better lives via stem cell therapy. In some instances, these patients express that post-therapy, they have greater energy – a sensation of liveliness similar to what they had when they were younger.

But what about patients who are young kids, some of whom may never learn to speak, let alone live a satisfying life?

That is the agony that so many parents experience when their kids are diagnosed with autism, or perhaps more precisely, autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This neurological disorder range is evident in kids who do not appear to acquire normal social, cognitive, or behavioral skills. That’s a hazy description, but it only adds to the frustration of being diagnosed with ASD. Some children may perform reasonably well yet struggle to establish friends or have unusual speaking habits while others may be unable to communicate at all.

According to research, the sooner treatment may begin, the better. And there is considerable evidence that stem cell therapy can help many children with ASD relieve their symptoms.

stem cell therapy autistic childrenHere is a heartening stem cell therapy success story of Leo that outlines how stem cells can give parents of autistic children newfound hopes.

With so many available alternative treatments for ASD like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Speech Therapy, determining which strategy is best for your child can be difficult. You may receive differing or even contradictory advice from experts and doctors. It is quite normal to have some concerns regarding alternative treatments as a parent of an autistic child. Some of these concerns could be:

  • No improvement in my child even after behavioral and occupational therapies
    Reaching out for the right therapy is essential. Therapy is highly effective when it fits the requirements of your child. At times, poor sleep, difficulty breathing, poor vision, difficulty hearing, or developmental delays can all induce or worsen emotional or autism symptoms. As a primary step, you should consult your child’s healthcare provider.
  • Is Stem cell therapy safe for my child?
    The doctors’ motto is “do no harm,” and stem cells makes it more feasible than ever before. The best part is that stem cells are extracted from your own body and rerouted where they are needed. It is called autologous therapy since the cells come from your body. Because there is no chance of donor material rejections, therefore it could be a safe and effective treatment for autism.
  • How long will it take stem cells to work?
    The effect of stem cells depends on a range of factors like the conditions it is being used for, the health of the patient, the number of cells administered, and various other factors. For some children, it may take a month, but for others, it could take up to several months.
  • How long do parents need to have patience?
    Raising an autistic child is a continuous learning experience for parents and you need to have patience. As more is discovered about the biology of autism, parents must stay up to date on new therapies and decide if they are appropriate for their child.

Reflecting on the positive attributes of autism can influence a prospective view, unlock the doors to new possibilities, help the world in being more welcoming, and alter how we can help children with autism at home, school, and in the community. A positive approach fosters healthy relationships, which serve as the foundation for successful development and quality of life.

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