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Stem Cells Therapy For Jawline Reconstruction


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    Dental Pulp Stem Cell Treatment : Advancells Protocol

    Whether the mandibular or palatomaxillary defects are resultant of trauma, congenital deformity, or tumor formation; the introduction of autologous stem cells, from oral cavity can be emphasized on a nano-structured, suitably tested, compatible material to allow tailored jaw reconstruction for reestablishing the mechanics of mastication. In this regard, the site, size and associated soft tissue defects represent the three most important factors; in determining the impact of treatment procedure on functional restoration and aesthetics.

    Our process of maxillary and/or mandibular jawline reconstruction involves three key elements, which include:

    • Inductive soluble growth factors
    • Stem cells isolated from dental pulp tissue
    • Biocompatible scaffolds made up of Xeno/Allo/Synthetic substitutes

    Accordingly, steps involved in the procedures are:

    Step 1- Qualification For The Therapy

    A safety and efficacy assessments will be prescribed by our experts in order to investigate a degree of severity and a need to undergo particular treatment. Following pretreatment assessments can be suggested.

    Pre-Treatment Assessments

    • Infectious Disease Testing
    • Physical Examination
    • Medical Reports & History
    • Panorex X Rays
    • Cephalometric X Rays
    • Models & Impressions
    • Radiographic Images

    As per the results, the patient will be further counselled for final treatment that will impact proper jaw functions and an aesthetic appearance of an entire face.

    Step 2- Source Extraction

    Mesenchymal stem cells and/or neural crest derived stem cells isolated from soft tissue of the wisdom tooth has been confirmed to be the most potent, non-invasive source of stem cells with high proliferation rate, higher degree of differentiation and a better capacity to interact with biocompatible matrices and growth factors for faster regeneration and healing.

    Thus, Dental Pulp stem cells sourced from either wisdom tooth or milk tooth, that are already planned to remove will be collected as a better fitting tool due to easy access, and a very low morbidity of the anatomical site.

    Step 3- Laboratory Processing

    Tissue samples containing stem cells will be transported to our ultramodern GMP grade facility, through placing it, in a screw top vial containing appropriate transportation media; which may nourish it during transportation. Mesenchymal stem cells and/or neural crest derived stem cells will be isolated from a soft dental pulp tissue, which is encased inside a bony cavity of wisdom tooth or milk tooth; under controlled sterile conditions.

    Step 4- Stem Cell Implantation

    Expanded stem cells will be loaded on a suitable matrix called as scaffold to allow speedy attachment, faster regeneration into specific cell types and easy proliferation. Although scaffolds are of different types, shapes, patterns as well as biocompatible materials; depending upon the necessity, capacity and costing it can be made up of Xeno/Allo/Synthetic substitute.

    Tissue Reconstruction through Biodegradable Scaffolds: – We have wide range of ideal scaffolds made up of different biocompatible materials, to provide chemical stability, physical strength and mimicking the surrounding tissue with respect to faster cellular proliferation, better adhesion performance, controlled degradation, easy differentiation and better integration.

    A scaffold will further be implanted and secured in a position above and/or below jawline; depending upon the clinical condition to allow faster reconstruction and speedy healing of jawbones.

    Maintenance & Follow Up

    Following the completion of implants, patients are advised to thoroughly clean around the implants as instructed by our dental hygienist. Patients will be called for the regular review so that the health and the integrity of the soft tissues and other bones can be evaluated.


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