Stem Cells Therapy For Hair Loss

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    PRP Treatment For Hair Loss: Advancells Protocol

    The goal of Advancells hair loss treatment programme is to stimulate his/her immune system, promote cellular regeneration that will slow down a balding process and spark a new hair growth naturally, to make you regain your confidence level back with the help of stem cell treatment. We have designed a specialized treatment that employs patient’s own PRP. Which is actually a plasma rich platelets. These platelets can secrete growth factors and cytokines enabling faster healing and regeneration of damaged cells. Various studies have confirmed that the platelets play a pivotal role in the process of hair restoration by stimulating resident stem cells, promoting follicle regeneration and improving hair strength as well as texture. Our top priority is thus to provide very comprehensive, individualized treatment pattern which is best suited for the patients undergoing treatment, aiming their maximum recovery; according to the pathophysiology of the disease.

    At Advancells, in choosing the treatment strategy, we give special consideration to the stages of damage and accordingly the purpose of the treatment will be designed. An algorithm for assessment and treatment is made accordingly. As a part of our treatment, patient’s peripheral blood is withdrawn to prepare autologous plasma concentrate highly rich in platelets possessing various growth factors. The stem cells from one of the richest autologous sources of your own body such as Adipose Tissue. will be extracted and stimulated with PRP; this mixture will be infused intradermally around the hair follicles to promote hair regeneration.

    Step 1- Qualification For The Therapy

    A safety and efficacy assessments will be prescribed by our experts in order to investigate the stage of severity and qualify the patient for the treatment. Following pretreatment assessments can be suggested depending upon the patient’s medical and family background:

    Pre-Treatment Assessments

    • Infectious Disease Testing
    • Routine Blood tests
    • Physical Examination
    • Family History

    As per these results, the patient will be counseled further for final decision of protocol.

    Step 2- Source Extraction

    SVF Cells or Stromal Vascular Fraction Stem Cells are the most entrusted cells, sleeping for years inside the stroma of adiopse tissue; more precisely known as fat. The data accumulated from worldwide clinical trials, and benchside research have endorsed that these stem cells are supported with various structural and functional proteins; which are responsible for skin regeneration and rejuvenation at the cellular level. It is proven that when these stem cells are super charged with autologous platelet rich plasma, they improve blood supply of the skin, ensuring better oxygenenation to cells. Around 100 CC fat is extracted, preferably from the sub-cutaneous layer of the pre-umbilical area. The Adipose tissue will be collected with the application of local anaesthesia; however general anaesthesia can as well be opted in case required.

    PRP is rich platelet concentrate, with the seven essential protein growth factors which can rapidly initiate cascade of reactions; additionally it includes three very fundamental proteins that can act as a “Cell Adhesion Molecules” to activate signal transmission. This activation can express the gene, directing the cellular proliferation, matrix formation, osteoid formation and collagen synthesis; which promote tissue repair and regeneration. Reasearch has as well confirmed that after injection in the body, PRP can actively secrete growth factors within 10 mins while more than 95% of them are secreted within 1 hr after activation. Around 30 CC venous blood will be withdrawn from one of the two arms and maintained under controlled condition till processing. In order to prevent unnecessary activation of platelet, the venous blood of the patient will be collected using suitable anticoagulent.

    If you are curious to know more about the procedure, kindly refer the detailed info graphic below:

    Step 3- Laboratory Processing

    100 CC of fat sample along with 30 CC of venous blood, will be transferred to the processing lab; under controlled condition. Both the samples will be processed in the state of the art class 10,000 clean room in compliance with ISO and GMP standards. The isolated stem cells will be characterized for quality, viability and purity. Before infusion, these stem cells will be super stimulated with autologous PRP to maximise the benefits of the treatment.

    Step 4- Implantation of SVF Stem Cells Stimulated with Autologous PRP

    Once the PRP is ready to be injected back into the body, stem cells will be enriched with autologous PRP prior to infusion, we generally put them back through local intradermal administration through syringes around the hair follicles.

    Intra-Dermal Administration of SVF stem cells enriched with Autologous PRP around Hair Follicles: Platelet Rich Plasma is mixed with the patient’s own Adipose tissue stem cells extract (SVF Stem Cells) at the time of infusion. The scalp is numbed with the application of local anaesthesia and the PRP along with the stem cells is infused around the follicles with the help of small micro needles.

    This intra-dermal, local application of PRP with stem cells can accelerate the healing process around the follicles immediately. The approach can stimulate the native stem cells and provide the strength, support, vitality and resilience to the follicles; which will be helpful in generating new hair strands naturally.

    Follow up Treatment

    Post treatment, the patient will be asked to visit the doctors for assessment.


    “Advancells is a strong advocate of greater transparency in medical procedures in general and Stem Cells Procedures in particular. As a part of our effort of bringing transparent procedures to our clients, we provide each client a Third Party Certificate (from an internationally accredited lab) for the cell count and viability of the cells that we are able to process from the autologous cell source of the patient. To view the sample copy of the certificate  “click here



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