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Stem cell Therapy for Anti Aging


Anti-Aging: FeelFit, Lookfit and Hair Loss: Different Anti-Aging Treatments

Stem cell Therapy for Anti Aging

Since ages, Anti Aging has been a concept that has kept mankind occupied. The idea is all about staying healthy and fit as we grow old with age.

People generally tend to think that because of age, our organs become weak, but in reality our body cells age and so our organs get damaged or weak affecting normal functioning of the body and hence we start looking and feeling old. As time progresses these stem cells become so overburdened with work that they start loosing their strength and healing process becomes slower. In that regard, now it is possible to increase the strength of these workers (cells) by adding them in number from other sources such as Fat, wherein these stem cells are found in abundance.

One of the most prominent uses of Medical science is an implementation of  Autologous use of adult stem cells in Anti Aging Treatments.

We have the most potent stem cell reservoirs in our body such as Fat that can be utilized in order to regenerate aging cells. Their value in terms of Anti Aging Treatment Procedures, centers around their ability to self renew and to generate every type of cells that our body needs in a crisis. Scientists have proved that, the Stem cell Technology for Anti Aging Treatments could have dramatic influence on our ability to live longer, replace some of our failing parts and to improve overall physical and mental condition such as stamina, vigour, glow, concentration. The effect of stem cells technology can be enhanced, when stimulated with patient's own platelet rich plasma. PRP is a rich source of platelet, which can secrete a large number of growth factors to reduce inflammation and accelerate the process of healing.

Thus in order to fulfil the inner deep desire of almost everyone to look younger, Advancells has developed following amazing natural products â€śLook Fit”, “Feel Fit” & "Hair Loss Treatment"

Our skin can be used as cosmetic “guide post” for recognizing our age! As we grow old, our skin starts to thin and lose its elasticity, causing it to wrinkle and sag. Our skin is constantly renewing itself, shedding old cells as new cells are created underneath, but with time the ability of cells to renew themselves ceases which causes skin to sag and wrinkle. Adult stem cells are  responsible for these new skin cells being born so that you can look young naturally!.
Advancells Treatment for "Look Fit"

Applying the same principle as Look fit, every organ in our body, maintains a quota of some number of adult stem cells, helping the organ to struggle over with the normal wear and tear. Till the time there is a proper coordination, metabolism and functioning of these organs, we experience a youthful stamina  and energy to fight with the diseases and infections. But with age as strength and vigour decreases a boost of Adult stem cells from our own body gives the much needed push to the aging cells and hence the youthfulness and vitality is maintained. .
Advancells Treatment for "Feel Fit"

As per the latest survey, two-thirds of the men are experiencing hair loss by the age of 35 & 25% of the women are also affected by the similar age; contributing to up to 40% of the hair sufferers in totality.This in turn can affect self image and emotional well being of the person. Conventional treatment options were not very successful to understand the complicated mechanism of hair growth and hair fall..
Advancells Treatment for "Hair Loss"


Treatment For Anti-Ageing: Advancells Protocol

"Anti Ageing" The objective of our anti-ageing treatments is to analyse the causative factor; whether genetic, biological or environmental that is influencing on overall ageing process of the person. We also assess various risk factors with the patients to determine potentially extrinsic and intrinsic causes, contributing to pre-mature ageing of the person. Our primary goal is to handle ageing related issues such as facial anti ageing treatments, hair loss treatments and boosting overall health by bettered stamia, vigour and vitality.

We have designed a unique treatment protocol that employes patient's own PRP. Which is actually a component of blood, rich in its platelet content. These pletelets can secrete growth factors and cytokines enabling faster healing and regeneration of damaged cells. As per our protocol, we inject fat stem cells activated with patient's own PRP to promote faster proliferation of resident cells, promote differentiation into desired cells to restore the function back. Our top priority is thus to provide very comprehensive, individualized treatment pattern which is best suited for the patients undergoing treatment, aiming their maximum results.

At Advancells, in choosing the treatment strategy, we give special consideration to the stages of damage and accordingly the purpose of the treatment will be designed. An algorithm for assessment and treatment is made accordingly. As a part of our treatment, patient's peripheral blood is withdrawn to prepare autologous plasma concentrate, highly rich in platelets possessing various growth factors. The stem cells from one of the richest autologous sources of your own body such as Adipose Tissue. will be extracted and stimulated with PRP; this mixture will be infused through the most suitable root as per the choice of treatment to promote desired effects.

Step 1- Qualification For The Treatment

A safety and efficacy assessments will be prescribed by our experts in order to investigate the stage of severity and qualify the patient for the treatment. Following pretreatment assessments can be suggested depending upon the patient's medical and family background:

Pre-Treatment Assessments for "Anti-Ageing"

  • Infectious Disease Testing
  • Routine Blood tests
  • Physical Examination
  • Family History

As per these results, the patient will be counseled further for final decision of protocol.

Step 2- Source Extraction

PRP is rich platelet concentrate, with the seven essential protein growth factors which can rapidly initiate cascade of reactions; additionally it includes three very fundamental proteins that can act as a "Cell Adhesion Molecules" to activate signal transmission. This activation can express the gene, directing the cellular proliferation, matrix formation, osteoid formation and collagen synthesis; which promote tissue repair and regeneration. Reasearch has as well confirmed that after injection in the body, PRP can actively secrete the growth factors within 10 mins while more than 95% of them are secreted within 1 hr after activation. Similarly stem cells will be extracted from the adipose tissue of the belly region.

If you are curious to know more about the procedure, kindly refer our detailed snapshot below:

Prp Therapy Procedure for Anti Aging

Step 3- Laboratory Processing

PRP is generally obtained from the peripheral blood of the patient drawn at the time of treatment. Approximately 30CC will be drawn from the patient depending upon the baseline platelet count of the individual.In order to prevent unnecessary activation of platelet, the venous blood of the patient will be collected using suitable anticoagulent. The sample will be processed in the state of the art class 10,000 clean room in compliance with ISO and GMP standards. The isolated stem cells will be characterized for quality, viability and purity. Before infusion, these stem cells will be stimulated with autologous PRP to maximise the benefits associated with hair restoration treatment.

Step 4- Implantation

Once the PRP ready to be injected back into the body, we generally put them back through one of the following route of administration.

  • Intra-Dermal Administration of PRP on face :- Platelet Rich Plasma is mixed with the patient’s own adipose tissue stem cells extract at the time of infusion. The face is numbed with the application of local numbing cream and the PRP along with the stem cells is infused at different points on the face such as around the eyes, lips, chin, etc. with the help of small micro needles.

    This intra-dermal, local application of PRP with stem cells can accelerate the healing process around immediately. The approach can stimulate the native cells for the increased production of collagen, removal of photodamaged cells and wrinkles to give you fresh, tightened, wrinkle free skin naturally.

  • Intra Venous Administration:- Platelet Rich Plasma is mixed with the patient’s own adipose tissue stem cells extract at the time of infusion. The processed cells are infused through Intra Venous Administration for better outcomes.

  • Intra-Dermal Administration of PRP Around the Follicles :- Platelet Rich Plasma is mixed with the patient’s own adipose tissue stem cells extract at the time of infusion. The scalp is numbed with the application of local anaesthesia and the PRP along with the stem cells is infused around the follicles with the help of small micro needles.

    This intra-dermal, local application of PRP with stem cells can accelerate the healing process around the follicles immediately. The approach can stimulate the native stem cells and provide the strength, support, vitality and resilience to the follicles; which will be helpful in generating new hair strands naturally.

Follow up Treatment

Post treatment, the patient will be asked to visit the doctors for reclamation therapies such as Physiotherapy, patients counselling etc. for accelerated recovery.


Anti Aging Patient Story

Mrs. Puja Aggarwal, Age 50, Anti Aging

Mrs Aggarwal underwent a stem cell procedure in which stem cells enriched with growth factors were injected into the problem areas of her face. Growth Factors with stem cells (GFSC) facelift is a non invasive surgical procedure that uses the regenerative capacity of adult stem cells to fight the signs and symptoms of aging....

Mr. Arun, 35 years, Hair Loss

"Mr. Arun a 35 year old, professional desperately wanted to restore his frontal hairline back. In a very young age, he had lost majority of his hair from frontal and crown area of his scalp. Like many of the people, his unusual hair loss was a cause of social embarrassment to him"


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can stem cells be helpful in Anti-Ageing Treatment?
  • As we age, our body’s natural tendency to renew tissue specific cell declines; because of the gradual depletion of reserved quota of stem cells. These stem cells are recently identified as bio-warriors with an ability to unlimited multiplications and replace ageing cells that have weakened or degenerated. It should as well be noted that stressful lifestyle, malnutrition, bad eating habits and poor environmental factors can aggravate the effects of ageing. Thankfully, with the help of technical advancements and new insights into the science of regenerative medicine, there is a chance to revert or at least slow down the process of ageing. Autologous applications of stem cells, isolated from person’s own fat reserves are found to be helpful in preventing premature ageing as well as age related disorders. Studies have confirmed their contribution in maintaining youthfulness, indeed. These cells, when enriched in sterile conditions and infused in the body can stimulate the stem cells reserves to undergo self-multiplication. They have as well identified to boost natural regulating mechanism of our body, to boost immune system and increase energy levels.
  • What can you expect from anti-ageing treatment with Advancells?
  • Over the past five years, we have standardized our protocol, according to individual needs of each patient; accordingly, we have ensured the best results from our therapy. You can expect below mentioned pronounced improvements that have noted in almost 70% of our treated patients, to more or less extent.
    • Higher energy levels and stamina
    • Firmer and tightened skin, improved hair structure as well as hair growth
    • Better memory, quick mental response
    • Subsidized muscular, joints as well as back pain
    • Improved skin texture
    • Better sleep and elimination of chronic fatigue
  • Who can apply for anti-ageing therapy with Advancells?
  • We offer novel anti-ageing therapy using a very natural and holistic approach. Our autologous stem cells programme is aimed at both the prevention of premature ageing and age-related diseases. In this regard, people applying for our anti-ageing therapy are those who:
    • Are in good health or have minor health related issues, but would like to feel and look even better.
    • Have no major health conditions but suffer from chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle pains, etc.
    • Aim to delay the process of ageing, prolong their active life style and prevent age related issues.

What can you expect?

Many patients after stem cell treatment reported to be exhibiting:

  • Fast and speedy recovery
  • Reduced pain, inflammation associated with increased mobility
  • Complete avoidance of anti inflammatory drugs
  • Complete stoppage of the progression.