Stem Cell Therapy For Critical Limb Ischemia

Cell Signalling Technology: To Repair And Regenerate

Our lead compound Stem cell-Exosome complex acts as a therapeutic cargo, delivering to the inflamed tissues to generate appropriate immunomodulatory signals with specific anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic as well as regenerative activities.

Stem Cell Treatment For Critical Limb Ischemia

Critical Limb Ischemia is the condition with chronic ischemic at-rest pain that may progressively lead to severe skin ulcers, gangrene, or limb loss. The condition is typically related to the objectively proven severe blockage in the artery. The disease implies, chronicity and is usually associated with multiple sites of arterial obstruction that severely reduced blood flow to the tissues. The disease is clinically manifested as rest pain, non healing wounds and/or tissue necrosis.
Ischemic pain can be associated with the burning sensation in the ball of the foot and toes, which can be worsened at night may be because of the loss of gravity assisted flow to the foot. In the past few years the most significant change in critical limb ischemia treatment has been the increasing tendency to shift from bypass surgery to less invasive stem cell therapy for critical limb ischemia as first-choice causing revascularization of the damaged tissue and removal of plaque deposits to a certain extent.

Critical Limb Ischemia Symptoms

Major Manifestations of CLI, in patients include the following:

  • Pain in the legs and feet when the person is at rest and not moving (also called “ischemic rest pain”)
  • Sores or infections on the legs and feet that won’t heal
  • Faint or absent pulse in the leg or foot below the blockage

Stem Cells Therapy for Critical Limb Ischemia Treatment: Advancells Protocol

Stem cell treatment at Advancells involves exploitation of the most potent stem cells isolated from patients own Bone marrow or Adipose tissue or may be both depending upon the assessment. Our top priority is to provide very comprehensive, individualized treatment pattern which is best suited for the patients undergoing stem cell treatment for critical limb ischemia. With extensive research these challenges are now comprehensible to therapeutic ventures resulting in new treatments of critical limb ischemia using autologous treatment/allogenic transplant for adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells treatment and bone marrow stromal cells treatment. This new insight on the treatment of critical limb ischemia has helped in identifying the potential to overcome critical limb ischemia with stem cells, primarily using autologous stem cell transplant in form of hematopoietic stem cell transplant or mesenchymal stromal cells treatment.

Stem Cell Treatment for Critical Limb Ischemia at Advancells is divided into 4 Steps

Treatment Qualification

Source Extraction

Processing of stem cells


CAUSES OF Critical limb ischemia


peripheral artery disease

high blood pressure

Family history


SYMPTOMS OF Critical limb ischemia

Pain or numbness in the feet

Thickening of the toenails

Absent pulse in the legs or feet

Open sores, skin infections or ulcers

Dry gangrene of the legs or feet

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy?

100% Safe

Targeted delivery






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Statistics of Overall Improvement of Critical Limb Ischemia through Stem Cell Therapy

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