Stem cell therapy for Anti-Aging

The stem cell-exosome complex: The next evolution in cellular medicine for human longevity

We develop personalized cellular therapies using the regeneration capacity of stem cells and their exosomes as an authentic delivery system at unparalleled scale, quality, and economics.

Feel Fit

To the young, ageing is an exciting growing phase; which can give more maturity, growth and independence. By the middle age, it’s just a matter of another candle that can enhance the charm on the top of the birthday cake. This is the real phase when you can notice some obvious cosmetic changes like greying of hair, wrinkles, etc. along with some fair amount of physical decline. However, it is now possible to distinguish normal ageing with the diseased condition or unusual forceful ageing and stop their progression further.
With advancements in modern science, stem cells are a great way to potentially reverse anti-aging effects. The stem cells which are isolated from your own fat can now be stimulated with your own platelet rich plasma to technically redirect the cellular pathways as the natural and effective anti ageing treatments. Since the idea fixes the root cause of ageing, it can be effectively used to help people live longer, healthier with more energy, vigour and stamina by overall improving the “active life expectancy.”

Feel Fit Regenerative Therapy: Advancells Protocol

Feel Fit” is a specially designed, effective health booster with all natural ingredients available within oneself. We have designed a unique treatment protocol that employs a patient’s own PRP which is actually a component of blood, rich in its platelet content. These platelets can secrete growth factors and cytokines enabling faster healing and regeneration of damaged cells. Our top priority is thus to provide a very comprehensive and individualized treatment pattern which is best suited for the patients undergoing the regenerative therapy, aiming their maximum results.
At Advancells, in choosing the treatment strategy, we give special consideration to the stages of damage and accordingly the purpose of the treatment will be designed. An algorithm for assessment and treatment is made accordingly.


Stem Cell Treatment Process at Advancells is divided into 4 steps


Treatment Qualification

Source Extraction

Processing of stem cells


Causes OF feel fit


Genetic factors

Poor Dietary Habits

Environmental factors

metabolic disorder


Symptoms OF feel fit

Loss of stamina

Easy bone damage

Joint pain

Increased fatigue and tiredness

Frequent mood swings

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy?

100% Safe

Targeted delivery




regeneration potential

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Advancells is a strong advocate of greater transparency in medical procedures in general and Stem Cells Procedures in particular. As a part of our effort of bringing transparent procedures to our clients, we provide each client a Third Party Certificate (from an internationally accredited lab) for the cell count and viability of the cells that we are able to process from the autologous cell source of the patient. To view the sample copy of the certificate  click here