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Many years after my grand mom’s death, I now realized that she might be suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  At that phase of my life I was just a kid. As all other kids, I was just being selfish and did not realize through what condition she was going through. I had a very tight knit family, and my granny was like a glue holding us together. She was always the first person I would always look out for after coming back home from school, but little did I know, that these would be the memories of my childhood that I would ever miss the most.

Small changes in her behavior were totally unnoticed by me. At first, they were small things like she would forget where she left the sweater she was knitting or she couldn’t find her aspects or purse, etc. Although, nobody in my home took it as a serious issue, we had always taken it as an old age problem. I could never have realized, how did it progress, transforming my granny into a totally unknown person. There were many small incidents, created an alarming situation. I could remember when I had just passed my fifth grade examination, I came home running, gave her a nice hug and took my regular seat on the couch across her. She turned to me and with a very blank face asked, “ So you have graduated this year, what are your future plans now”?  I was rather confused at that time, and felt very bad! Like a normal kid, I just thought that she is making fun of me.

However, now I have a much better understanding of Alzheimer’s. After losing my Granny, which had a huge impact on our entire family, we have realized that it is a silent disorder that can completely deteriorate your memory system. It is basically a disorder related to the malfunctioning of memory unit of our brain. The brain is divided into different parts and each part is controlling different bodily function. The brain controls and coordinating with other organs of the body through a network of cells known as neurons. They help in passing on the information from the brain to different other organs of the body. However, in case of Alzheimer’s stem cell treatment, due to the formation of protein bodies, transmission of information is severely haltered resulting in a degenerated state of neurons. As more and more neurons die there will be the progressive loss of memory function. So far there was no cure for this particular disorder. However, with the innovation of stem cells, doctors are hoping that there could be a possible cure for the same.

Stem cells are the youngest cells of the body, which can be differentiated to be any cells if directed in the proper channel. They are present in the very silent state in almost all mature organs of the human body. The technology has allowed medical professional to isolate stem cells from the two of its most potent sources such as Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissues, enrich in the laboratory and infuse back into the body for treating a variety of debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer.

Although, the stem cell therapy for Alzheimer, Dementia treatment cannot guarantee of permanent cure, We would have definitely given it a chance to treat my granny as the first and a last possible option, Connect with Advancells at info@advancells.com, and you can also give us a call on +91-9654321400 for Your Inquiries.