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Long before the existence of various supportive groups, internet and way before the ice bucket challenges, no one would have ever heard the real culprit of the diseases as the ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. In fact, just a decade ago itself, it was a disease under the shadow. During our parent’s time, I think the disease didn’t have its own advocacy organization. People with the recent onset of the disease, would not had able to understand why they suddenly started with the odd or barely perceptible limp! They might have addressed it as a deliberately vague codes such as may be Back Problem! At that point they might not know that the initial back problem or just a slip disc can progressively take a horrific turn of complete paralysis of the entire body without any cure.

ALS is a progressive, degenerative neurological disorder, with the complete malfunctioning of the muscular movement due to impaired coordination between the brain and muscles. Our brain has variety of nerves, acting as messengers to pass on the information between brain to other organs of the body via the spinal cord. There are in fact different neurons dedicated for sensation, vision, memory, hearing and other bodily functions. In case the person has developed ALS, his motor neurons that are involved in voluntary movements and muscle power are being severely damaged. What is the root cause of its development? Well, the exact cause is not so far understood, but scientists have identified many genetical and environmental link ups with this particular disorder.

Some researchers have also evidently identified the involvement of some virological infections. At present, there is no known cure for the disorder apart from some rehabilitative approach such as daily exercise routine, high protein diet, positive approach and dose of riuzole. Although the progression of the disorder can be hampered with these precautions, scientists were still looking out for another way of treating patients that can reverse the damage associated with the disorder. Worldwide, many clinical trials exhibited very promising and surprising results, stating the importance of stem cells treatment for ALS.

Stem cells are the promising candidates, representing the first few divisions after fertilization of human life and are capable of developing into entire human being. Some of their adult counterparts are also present in mature organs throughout the life of an individual, to be used in case of emergency or diseased conditions. Science and technology have now identified ways to extract good number of these stem cells from mature sources such as Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue. These stem cells can then be separated in the controlled environment for isolating their pure population. Once infused inside the body, these stem cells can be able to find out their own way towards the site of injury. They secrete a variety of growth factors, cytokines and other immunological cells in order to create a specific environment required for their homing and quick action. The creation of a microenvironment can speed up the process of regeneration in desired cells, such as neurons in the case of ALS.

Thus, with the advent of stem cells treatment, many people have documented cases, wherein their ALS has either burnt out or stopped progressing.  Hence, no matter what your situation may be, the superiority of stem cells has proven to help you.  Connect with Advancells at info@advancells.com, and you can also give us a call on +91-9654321400 for your inquiries, Stay In Touch.