It’s a great weekend morning, you don’t have to prepare your kids for the school, neither in a hurry to make lunch, nor to rush to the office. You glance over and are delighted to watch your husband and children, who are still in a bed! With the relax state of mind, you go to your favorite window, facing lush green gardens and fountains and enjoy the nature with a cup of tea as a supplementary pleasure. Suddenly you feel that your hands are shaking, which increase to the extent that you no longer able to hold the cup! You feel short of your breath, start sweating profusely and feel the strong initiation of an arrow of pain from the middle of the chest to the neck which disappear within no time!  You just sit on the chair, relax with your head down on the table. Although after few fractions of minutes, everything start getting under control. When you get complete hold over your normal being, you have a glass of water, and start wondering, what happened to you but then ignored immediately as mere a state or stress! Have you ever experienced this? If yes, then please don’t ignore it as just a state or stress, but it’s the first signal given from your heart, that it is getting weak and need your attention!

It is very alarming that the heart diseases, are the leading cause of death affecting people of all age groups and backgrounds. There are many people who survived the heart attack but are left with the scar tissue, reducing the heart’s pumping ability to one third! They can’t dance, can’t play with their children, can’t enjoy life and sleep every night wondering if they could wake up in the morning! Every year, thousands of victims undergoing heart treatments and suffering from consequences post surgeries pray  and wish to find out an alternative medicinal boon, which can transform their weak heart into the strong one without the need for the surgery and medicines. This desperation, motivated many scientists worldwide to gain access over stem cell treatment. Stem cell therapy for heart disease is a contemporary recipe, employing strategies such as damaged cell regeneration, improved muscle movement thereby increases pumping capacity.

Stem cells are the master cells of the body, which are capable of differentiating into many or all kinds of cells. These adult stem cells lie dormant in an adult tissue. We have a quota of them even in our heart! These cells are involved in replacing the damaged cardiac cells in case of normal wear and tear of the heart. Although in case of diseased condition, the heart tissue is already damaged due to excessive resident cell death and hence impose heavy burden on stem cells to remove, replace and regenerate the scar tissue. However, at some point of time, these stem cells are unable to cope up with the burden and need an extra force to help them. This is not the reason for the attack, though it can be one of the reasons of major heart failure. In that regard, the very recently invented stem cells have shown great promises in cardiac regeneration as opposed to clinical controversies. As many as 5000 clinical trials are underway all over the world, demonstrating an effectiveness of stem cells as a potential medicine in treating heart diseases and have so far shown no medical complications.

Since, your own stem cells are employed for the treatment which are isolated from the two most potent sources such as bone marrow and adipose tissue, the heart would repair itself to the great extent, posing no harm in terms of immunological rejections. The injected stem cells will immediately start migrating to the scarred tissue if injected intravenously, and become damaged heart muscle cells, this way the heart can be way back to the normal.

Thus, with each advancing day, the progress is happening in every aspect of stem cell therapy for cardiac diseases, making physicians enthusiastic and hopeful to treat the patients suffering from heart diseases in a better way and getting them back to the life!!!!!!!!!!!!!