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Erectile Dysfunction is a male disorder in which men face a lack of penile erection and sexual interest. This affects sexual lifestyle and often comes out as a hindrance to male fertility conditions. Conventional treatment for erectile dysfunction works on the symptoms but fails to promote tissue repair. Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction has the potential to repair penile tissue and improve sexual function naturally without side effects. Let us briefly know more about erectile dysfunction and stem cell treatment.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

In general, there can be organic and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

Organic erectile dysfunction occurs commonly due to physical damage (e.g. prostate surgery), or diseased condition of the patient like high blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. The organic causes can be divided into Vascular or vasculogenic causes, neurogenic causes, endocrine causes, and penile causes.

Psychological problems of erectile dysfunction can be caused by depression, anxiety, or other mental disorders. There is also situational psychogenic erectile dysfunction-ED, which is majorly associated with partner or environment.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Currently Available Medical Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

In case of hormonal deregulation or imbalance, medication to balance the underlying imbalance is a target as a mode of treatment. Viagra pills and medications such as PDE5 inhibitors are generally taken before intercourse. Other mechanical treatments include penile implants or injections. In case of physical injury, it is difficult to restore effective sexual function with available conventional treatment regimes. The currently available treatment procedures can only provide a symptomatic effect and penile implants or surgeries accompany the risk of side effects or further tissue damage. Therefore, doctors are looking for alternative therapies to naturally restore penile function without severe side effects.

Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Since the discovery of stem cells having differentiation capability, researchers have used stem cells as therapeutic candidates owing to their regenerative and repair potential. In the case of erectile dysfunction stem cell therapy is capable of stimulating penile tissue as well as blood vessel restoration. Stem cells do not work like Viagra or pills that just give a temporary erection. Stem cell ensures the repair of the damaged penile tissue and promotes rejuvenation of the tissue microenvironment, thus giving a more long-lasting therapeutic effect.

Mesenchymal stem cells have been the most utilized adult stem cell type for the treatment of disorders like erectile dysfunction or ortho disorders. Many clinical personnel prefers intravenous administration of stem cells or secretome (cytokines, growth factors, and exosomes) rather than direct injection into the penile tissue as it might be painful and cause side effects.

Planning for Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Cure?

Stem cell therapy is an experimental therapy and does not guarantee a complete cure of the disorder but this autologous stem cell treatment ensures natural therapy without side effects by treating the disorder from its roots rather than just targeting its symptoms. As for the cost of stem cell therapy in India, the cost starts from 3000-4000$ usually but depends on the degree of disease severity and the number of dosages required. Contact info@advancells.com for free medical consultation on erectile dysfunction treatment with stem cell therapy.