Did you know that on an average a normal human loses up to 100 hair strands per day due to climatic conditions or external force such as washing,combing etc. However, if this is increased to uncontrollably high number, then the condition should be considered as critical and requires immediate personal attention, which may otherwise lead to partial or complete baldness. Apparently problems associated with hair loss and baldness are increasing day by day and finding the exact cause behind the issue is a bit challenging! This may be because the issue is not always associated with systemic or internal disease and poor diet, but researchers have also identified some genetic link ups and environmental conditions for the said trouble.

Currently, many cosmetics and pharma giants have taken a leap forward for the production of many creams, oils for topical application in order to prevent hair loss. However, those were beneficial only in slowing the progression of hair fall and proved to be useless in stimulating new hair growth. Additionally, hair transplantation, scalp reduction and scalp restoration can also be opted as an advanced solution, but generally they fail to restore your natural hair texture back, giving you a substituted look. Importantly, these treatments have failed to provide any benefits to the completely bald people. On the contrary, scientists are moving ahead with the bench work on stem cell applications for hair loss to their therapeutic solutions; with the hope that it can be a game changer for more than 200 million people worldwide who are affected by hair loss. Thus, beyond the petri dish, the success of stem cell treatment has opened doors for many who are suffering from hair problems.

The technique uses stem cells, which can be turned into almost any type of cell in the body. They are thus known to be the master cells of the body. These stem cells are known to be transformed into cells of the dermal papilla and dermal sheath. Both these structures are crucial for the generation of new strands of hair as well as for supporting and strengthening the growing hair shaft. Dermal papilla are the small projections approaching from the dermis into an epidermis. Their primary role is to provide nourishment by increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply to the hair follicles. Thus, cells of dermal papilla can give rise to long, healthy and lustrous hair shafts. However, it has been observed that, these cells are very susceptible to damage and cannot be readily amplified; quickly losing their hair inducing properties.

Stem cells from adipose tissue can be potent and readily available source of these dermal papilla cells. These stem cells are minimally manipulated for their isolation outside the body and implanted back with the help of small dermal injections into the scalp. These cells can then be differentiated into cells of the dermal papilla by promoting the secretion of required cytokines and growth factors. The procedure is also coupled with an injection of some stimulatory factors to enhance resident stem cell stimulation and proliferation.

Thus, people are advised to stop shelling out money on cosmetic products for hair loss and opt for this simple yet effective treatment to regain your natural hair back.

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