If you are one of those patients refusing dialysis; may be because of fear of being on it forever, then in that case you might not have heard about the stem cells treatment as the potential alternative for treating your chronic kidney disease.

Not only kidney diseases, I know there are thousands of people out there; who are searching for more realistic information about current stem cell treatment modules and expectations. It is quite obvious that these people are looking out for some clear, good and practical information with the help of the internet for themselves or for their loved ones.

Multiple times, it has been noticed that the information which has been shared on net is misleading and hence a blog addressing the facts and figures of stem cell treatment would be helpful.

The chronic kidney disease is the progressive disorder with the damage, which cannot be reversed practically. The cause of this damage is not specific and variety of symptoms is known to be responsible for the condition, such as retention of toxins & fluids, electrolyte imbalances, metabolic disorders etc. At present the only treatment possible, for the kidney disorder is dialysis. It is highly recommended by doctors, for the toxins clearance, regulation of the blood volumes as well as initialization of metabolisms. However the option cannot reverse the damage. Additionally, a kidney transplant cannot be an opted choice due to organ shortage, donor suitability as well as other opportunistic infections.

In this regard, stem cell treatment can be the best possible alternative, regulating the kidney functionality and minimizing the need for frequent dialysis. Stem cells are the mother cells of the body, with the very strong ability to multiply and differentiate into various other cells of different lineage.  Autologous stem cells obtained from two of the most potent sources of the body such as, Bone Marrow as well as Adipose tissue can help differentiating into lost renal cells of kidney structures. There are various publications, with the updated research stating the potential ability of stem cells isolated from bone marrow for differentiating into kidney parenchyma. Being isolated from your own body, these cells will be completely safe causing no harm to the patient’s body.

However, the research on stem cells is still ongoing and there is still a lot to investigate. You cannot just expect a complete recovery immediately after stem cells transplantation; may be because the treatment is natural and like other drugs it cannot forcefully target the organ. However, through many clinical trials performed worldwide, it is been cleared that stem cells are safe and effective to the extent of minimizing dialysis along with the feel good factor as an additional benefit!