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Stem Cells : The Self Generated Biofuel

Have you ever thought that how your body keep itself healthy and fit? It is all because body has an amazing power of regeneration in the form of stem cells. A stem cell is an ‘unspecialised’ cell which has not been assigned a particular job to do. These cells have special ability to differentiate into any other cell type in the body, and they can also divide and replicate themselves to maintain their reservoir. The body, whenever required, looks into stock of stem cells to repair and regenerate to keep the system fit. Think of stem cells as repair crew of body that’s working hard to keep you in perfect health no matter how you treat it. Stem cells continually replace the many specialised cells in our body if they are worn out or damaged. When there is cut at skin or bone is broken it heals over and similarly, inside the body there are stem cells patrolling and carrying out repair where it’s needed. All of this makes stem cells an extremely important in the process of development, cell renewal and healing.

Over the years, however, the regenerative reservoir is depleted and stem cells lose their ability to function properly which leads to aging, chronic pain or diseases. This arise a big question in mind of medical researchers: Can we therapeutically administer stem cells to have the body’s natural regenerative power? Yes, with the advancement made in stem cells, now it is possible to cure many diseases that are non-treatable with traditional therapies. With the administration of stem cells, the disease effect can be reversed by their well known functions 3R’s i.e. Repair, Regenerate and Rejuvenate.

Stem Cell Procedure


The entire medical procedure at Advancells consists of 4 steps:

  1. Source extraction
  2. Isolation, analysis and concentration of stem cells
  3. Stem cell implantation
  4. Post treatment care

Depending upon the assessment the source of stem cells will be decided. It can either be bone marrow or adipose tissue. In some specific cases, we can provide stem cells obtained from both the sources but the decision will solely be taken by the treating doctor. Click here to know more about procedure.

Click here to know more about procedure. 

Doctor Speaks

Dr. Sachin Kadam, PhD(Stem Cell Biology), Post-Doct, The John Hopkins University, USA

Dr. Sachin Kadam

Technology is evolving every day; today which is in is out almost next month. Similarly, stem cell research is adding new feather in regenerative medicines cap, every few months since their discovery in 1963. Stem cell therapies are rapidly evolving and coming up as promising viable option for a wide range of diseases. Minimal invasive methods and huge treatment potential give stem cell therapy an edge over routine treatment modalities.


Advancells Stem Cell Therapy

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