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The torn or injured meniscus is the common knee problem linked up with sports or accidents. Around millions of people have the ultimate choice of surgeries to repair damage in the knee, according to many leading orthopedic surgeons. The basics of all knee injuries are due to permanent damage or loss of cartilage. Cartilage is generally observed in close contact with the bones. It is tough, elastic, and flexible tissue offering cushion-like protection to the bone. The kind of cartilage that supports the joints of the bone is known as the “Hyaline Cartilage”. It is a rubbery matrix, comprising of living cells known as Chondrocytes,  which are situated in the fluid-filled gaps known as “lacunae”. The main function of this cartilage is to provide a sliding area at the base of the joints to avoid bone loss due to friction between the two bones. However, the cartilage is situated in between the two bones in such a way, that movement in only one direction is always possible but that in the opposite is restricted. When this important structure is damaged, a person can experience joint swelling, redness, or tenderness due to excessive friction between the two bones. If not immediately attended, there can be a permanent loss of movement.

Medical professionals think that the injury to the vital joints of the body such as the knee joint is a permanent injury that can not be fixed with the conventional treatment options. The medicines so far offered in such cases only allow some kind of relief from symptoms. This may be because the cartilage doesn’t repair on its own!  It has been also observed that even patients, who have undergone surgeries eventually developed a joint problem such as arthritis, and ultimately had to opt for knee replacements. This initiates a necessity for an alternative treatment approach that can offer a permanent solution without surgeries or any harmful medicines. Stem cell treatments can be the optimum choice for treating knee problems or problems associated with cartilages. Stem cells are the youngest cells of the body which can give rise to a variety of cells if directed in a proper channel. With the help of modern technology, it has now been possible to isolate these stem cells from various sources or tissue parts of our own body. The most potent of all is Bone Marrow or Adipose Tissue, which have an abundant number of these master cells stored in them.  We can isolate these cells outside the body, enrich a pure population of them in the laboratory, and re-inject them back at the site of injury to facilitate damage repair. Once inside the body, it has been proved that these stem cells initiate targeted immune responses to create a microenvironment that will in turn promote the regeneration of damaged cells or tissue. Thus these stem cells can be differentiated into cells of chondrocyte origin to repair damaged cartilage and thereby can promote normal functioning of the knee. Although it is possibly true that at this point of time, one can not expect a complete reversal of damaged condition but certainly stem cells are the key cell or masterminds who are involved in all the formations of the body organs or processes, so definitely an enriched population of them can stop the progression of the diseases. To know more about arthritis Treatment.