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With the increasing frequency of stem cells treatment, frustrated people around the world are experiencing freedom from the pain and agony.  The Life of many children has changed forever with strengthened faith & renewed hope, arose from healed bodies and physical restoration.

Many clinical and scientific studies are ongoing to prove effects of stem cell treatments for various diseases. Some of them have concluded that symptoms are visually improved after stem cell transplantation. However, there are some published studies who claim to observe no visual improvement in the symptoms. As a matter of fact, no study has claimed to have any adverse reaction of any of their patients. This shows that, with stem cell treatment, the pathology of the diseases cannot be altered, but definitely the progression can be stopped without any side effects! The situation expresses that stem cells, which are being administered are not reaching at the site of target as expected.

Recently, a clinical study was conducted on 120 stroke patients, indicating no improvement in any patients.  Although the study has also mentioned no adverse effects on any of the patient.  In this regard more and more translational research has to undergo for standardising route of administration of stem cells.

However, the point to be understood that all patients were given stem cells through intra venous injections, and it might be the possibility that number of stem cells reaching at the site, were insufficient to be effective. I suggest if, doctors can study the possible benefits of different routes of administration on the degree of improvement.

The migration of stem cells at the site of target generally decides their fate.  When you put these cells into the body, some are trapped in the vasculature, some are lost in the blood system. It is very important to ensure that maximum cells are reached at the site to facilitate maximum regeneration.  This might be the reason, that eye disorders with retrobulbar injections directly into the eye, proved to be more successful that other diseases.

Scientists are putting more effort to standardize ideal route of administration of stem cells, though, which maximum flow of these cells can be targeted to the site of injury, to achive maximum treatment output.