Stem Cell Treatment Results of Stroke Disease

Stroke Treatment Results

The average age of the patients before the stroke treatment was near about 50 years and amongst them, 75% of the patients were male.

The average time between the application of the treatment and the follow-up check was near to 9 months. The patients responded of experiencing effects between eight and nine weeks after the specialized stem cell treatment. 55% of the patients reported of having positive improvements.

The patients were observed of suffering with spastic paresis and with it - aphasia and hemianopia. After the treatment, over 40% of the total patients exhibited clinical improvement and both spasticity as well as paresis reduced. This reduction resulted in improved walking amongst 42% of the patients, 40% exhibited stability while with the rest an improvement in the motor skills was observed. 20% improvement in hemianopia and 39% improvement in aphasia was also observed.

stroke results

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