Is morning joint stiffness bothering you? Are you on constant steroids to reduce your joint pain? Are you looking for a permanent and safe treatment alternative for your joint problems or arthritis? According to the recently published report by the National Health Institute, stem cell therapy can be a safe and promising alternative for your stuffed joint problem or arthritis as it is less invasive than surgery and safe because it uses your body’s own cell to heal from the damage.

Stem cells are the building block of our body, found dormant in all major body organs such as bone marrowadipose tissue, etc. They are activated only when they receive any signal from the body as an indication of injury or disease. Once the signals are activated, they migrate at the site of injury by following our platelets. Once at the site, these cells are able to secrete different growth factors and cytokines to start the process of healing. They themselves undergo differentiation to get converted into the cells in demand to promote faster regeneration. This way they are asked to heal injured ligaments, tendons, bones, cartilages, etc.

However, due to the age factor or may be due to overburden in case of a chronically diseased state, the amount of stem cells is reduced in comparison to the amount needed. This increased the urgent need for an extra stem cell supply. However, science and technology have solved this problem by being able to isolate high concentrations of stem cells from known potent body sources such as Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue.

The treatment of Osteoarthritis procedure is very simple, employing just 15-20 minutes with local anesthesia without the risk of surgery, local stay, and prolonged recovery. The treatment takes advantage of the body’s ability to naturally repair itself. Stem cells can be isolated from the above-mentioned sources, enriched in the laboratory, and can be re-infused back into the body at the site of injury.  Once inside the body, these stem cells exhibit anti-inflammatory properties to restore degenerated tissue along with the complete provision of instant pain relief.  It is also observed that these stem cells secrete growth factors that are important to lubricate joints, tendons and help in easing the pain by helping restore mobility. Depending upon the need, these stem cells can turn into any cells or quite often the combination of them such as cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles to restore normal joint function.

Scientists have literally grown new joint in vitro, i.e. in the laboratory with the help of these stem cells. Thus the Osteoarthritis treatment is totally curative with no adverse events reported so far.