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“When I came to know, that my mom is suffering from ALS, I pledged her that I would provide her the best possible life she could have”- Jane revealed for the first time, long after she had discovered that her beloved mom has ALS- a neurogenic disorder, causing a progressive muscular wastage; leading your life almost to sink without any one’s help.

“I could still remember those first words from our physician”; Jane continued, “that my mom is suffering from ALS, and the maximum, we can offer her is the best of our time, support and care for the rest of her life”.

“She had been confined to the bed, for ten long years. As a child with the age of just 20 years, I had no idea, what the disease is about and how does it harm our body! I took a help of an internet, and till today’s time, I have been constantly updating myself with the recent development in the medical science regarding the ALS treatment !  I have always been with her, throughout her difficulty.  I have seen her yelling with pain, waiting for someone always for doing small tasks. It was a very tough time for each and every member of our family! We wanted to help her, but our hands were tied. During this time, we had been surrendered lot of times, thinking that we are going to lose her. I was disheartened thinking that one day she wouldn’t be with us, laughing, playing and enjoying; something which I always loved to watch! She passed away two months before she could watch the sunrise of 2015. Now that it’s almost going to be a year, and I am still living with her”.

There are many such patients, who are suffering with the deadly diseases bur are not aware about the possible stem cell treatment options, the science has offered them! Doctors are suggesting that stem cell treatment can do well to ALS patients, although not recovering them completely. Stem cells are the building blocks of our body; they are the cells, which can potentially differentiate into different cells types. They lay dormant throughout the life of an individual and come in picture at the time of crisis. ALS is the motor neuron disease, wherein neurons; your body’s messengers are damaged horribly not allowing your brain to communicate with other organs and muscles. This leads to awful effect of ALS, wherein the person is not able to utilize his muscles!

However, stem cells isolated from your own bone marrow or adipose tissues can be effective in slowing down the neuronal damage or at times they can also help in regeneration of new neurons. Thus with the help of stem cell treatment, it is possible to slow down the progression of the disease, if not cure it completely.

From the variety of data and results displayed on the internet, I could understand that there is lot more to do with the help of stem cells, may be one fine day we can see the deadly diseases like ALS are completely cured with them; however as of now, this autologous stem cell treatment can surely be beneficial to someone in soothing the pain and slowing down the progression.

I wish a very bright future for diseases like ALS with the help of stem cells, so that every child can feel the warmth of his parents forever.”