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Surgical Administration for patients having stroke or SCI


Stem cell information

The brain surgery requires a lot of modern technical equipments and tools in order to operate and infiltrate the skull the procedure is called as Craniotomy and infuse the stem cells in the brain. The highly valued advanced brain navigation system is used in order to reduce any kind of damage to the brain tissues during surgery. General anaesthesia is a must in this process. This surgery is generally completed in an hour and there is a written protocol of the procedure. After the surgery, the patients are kept for a night in the care unit for observation and thereafter transferred to the normal ward. After two or three days, they are released.

Surgery of the Spine

Stem cell information

Spinal surgeries are also very critical in nature and require ultramodern equipments and machineries. The prime usage of the tools in this surgery is for laminectomy or the opening of the vertebrae. Thereafter another incision is done on the spinal fluid embedded dura-mater of the spinal cord. After injecting the stem cells using a very fine needle the openings are closed or sealed.

This particular surgery is very complex and its duration is almost three hours. General anaesthesia is used in this surgery. The proceedings of post operation are almost similar to that of the brain surgery and the patient is released after two or three days.

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