Dear Sir, for sale It is not for the first time that we have heard about your reputation, a kind of noble work you and your team is doing and may be that is the reason why we saw you in your office.  We were completely prepared before meeting you by article researching, stalking cerebral palsy groups on Facebook, etc.

Almost five years ago, my son came into this world without much notice. I had a sudden placental abruption and my son was born with the severe cerebral palsy at 32 weeks.  During delivery, he lost oxygen; you may call it incompetent care or his destiny!  However being a fighter he survived and now turned 5 years old. There were many ups and downs in our life since past five years with various unexpected turns but we try to stay strong in every odd situation. Being the parents of the dependable child; we were very vulnerable when we met you.

After a lot of research on stem cell treatment and with a dicey mindset, I had just asked you one single question, “Whether my child will able to live a normal life? Can I ever see him walking?”   You looked down and said, “so far the technology is not so advanced that it can actually reverse the damage; however we can sincerely try to halt the disease progression at this stage and he would be able to achieve small milestones!”  Even though, your answer was not so encouraging, I could feel that you were emotionally upset at that time and your heart was paining. That was the time when I knew you are the one. I know at least you understand the pain, the emotional stress we are going through. You assured us, that everything will be ok.  If this would have been the case of 80’s, the life expectancy of my son would not be more than 20 years but now with the advancement of the technology, I can see him more, may be till his late 40’s. This is specifically because of people like you!

All the doctors and consultants, we visited were against stem cell treatment for his palsy.  We were been informed that the treatment cannot do anything extraordinary and our child would not be able to do anything! Against all odds, we decided to go for the treatment with you. Since the time we enrolled for the treatment till the time my child was discharged from the hospital, all went very smoothly. It’s almost 6 weeks after his treatment, we have now well settled with our daily routine at home without any stoppage. We have a huge to-do list for the stretches to be followed twice daily. We have appointed a fitness trainer coming to our house daily and assisting my child in his routine physical workouts. All his hard work is contributing to the improvement. He is getting stronger and happier day by day! He is enjoying his routine now. He is not showing any attitude to me. Today, I saw him literally running with his walker, which is just close to the miracle. I have never seen that in years!

I wish more and more research would get on the board for the advancement of this technology and I request other parents as well who want to go ahead with the stem cells treatments, please don’t be scared of it!

When we were kids, we had always imagined superheroes in big muscles and odd clothes but today as an adult and after facing the fact of life, I can say that the superheroes are just like you! Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!