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A study at Harvard University, showed that the stem cell based therapy has again stood up to its promise of curing deadly diseases, which are troubling the mankind since last so many years. The study is all about the cancer and how stem cell based treatment can be effective in removing the unwanted cancerous cells from the brain and regenerate new non cancerous functional cells to prolong the life of a patient. You will be able to know more about the healing potential of Autologous Stem Cells.

The human organs are made up of trillions of functional cells, working 24/7 in order to perform various tasks that have been assigned to them by that particular organ. Such as beating of cardiac cells, phagocytosis, muscle contraction etc. However the life of these cells is very limited, and they have to undergo multiplication or cell division to give rise to new daughter cells. The division of cells is internally controlled by various genes internally. Due to some unusual events, if this division is not controlled internally, there can be an unlimited division of abnormal cells which can grow into a cancerous tumor. There are some forms of the metastatic tumors, which can spread to the brain from many of the other organs such as lungs, breasts, skin etc. They can be very fatal and almost account for more than 70% death toll due to cancer.

With the chemotherapy as the only alternative to stop the progression of cancer, the major drawback is the proven danger to the surrounding organs; as probably one cannot limit the exposure of radiations. The progression of cancer can also be limited by removing the affected organs from the body, however, that cannot be often too practical in case of each and every organ. In general, the spreading cancer can be very dangerous and researchers have burned candles since last couple of years to find out a safe alternative treatment option.

There are many adult organs, who have been a home for mature stem cells from the time the individual is born. These stem cell lay dormant throughout the life of an organism, and be in a picture when there is an urgent need for the same. The common cell based therapies which are in practice or autologous use of stem cells isolated from body’s own tissues such as Bone Marrow or Adipose Tissue to treat various diseases. Stem cells isolated from bone marrow can be the best proven alternative for a variety of blood cancers.

Although, the study is still undergoing by developing various cancerous models to understand the mechanism underlying the spread of the diseases and how stem cells isolated from various parts of the body can be potentially used to stop the progression by eliminating tumor cells and regrow the new functional non cancerous cells. Since current therapeutic options for treating cancer are very limited; stem cell based therapy can be a potential alternative for the same.