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      Topic: The Science of Regenerative Medicine: Staying Ahead of Challenges!

      Most of us struggle to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle to restore youth for a longer period. The advancements in medical science have played a very central role in providing both drastic as well as subtle means to regain back the functional contribution of tissue, altered due to illness, trauma, and the aging process. What is required is to be aware of the rapidly emerging latest medical applications that can completely transform healthcare in near future! Some of these technologies that need higher acknowledgment are stem cell therapy, exosome therapy, integration of molecular genomics like crisper for better diagnosis, etc. 

      The current roadblocks towards better healthcare! 

      Recent healthcare is more attuned to evidence-based practices and clinical decision-making to reduce the integration of unwarranted practices and deliver more effective treatment modalities. However, to support these changes, it is very essential to understand what are the existing roadblocks and how can we implement ways for the smooth implementation of new technologies. Accordingly, the present webinar will focus primarily on present medical roadblocks and driving forces to implement the latest technologies like regenerative medicine in routine practices.

      • Regulatory obligations
      • Definitive Treatment approach for degenerative medical conditions
      • Circumventing evidence
      • Awareness/Training clinicians beforehand

      Driving forces

      • From idea to clinical studies
      • Determination of stem cell sources
      • Cell dose specifications
      • Route of Administration
      • From clinical trials to clinical practices

      The future ahead

      To address the vast “know-do” gap in the field of regenerative medicine – the gap between what is known and what has been observed in the laboratory as well as during preclinical studies- it is important for both researchers and clinicians to come together, brainstorm the possibilities under the most ideal regulatory roofs, to transform the healthcare future. With this positive mindset and a very frank opinion of taking a step towards the transformation, Advancells proposes our upcoming webinar topic.

      Webinar Date: 29th Aug, 2022

      Webinar Time: 3:00 P.M. IST

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