Diwali is around the corner and so are the plethora of sweets and calorific delicacies. While binging on sweets once in a while is a celebratory mark of festivals, it can certainly have a detrimental impact on your health. The most affected are Diabetes and Heart patients who are tempted to indulge in sweets and suffer from high blood sugar levels. In fact, even the non-Diabetic and borderline patients risk unregulated sugar and calorie intake. We tend to overeat not only sweets but also unhealthy food such as deep-fried snacks and oily dishes. Abstaining from these little delights is definitely a herculean task. We end up gaining extra weight. It’s not mandatory to refrain from the celebrations. You can always enjoy the festival of lights by practicing healthy eating and paying extra caution without having lose enjoyment.

We here suggest a few tips to satisfy your cravings without having to feel guilty! 

Exercise potion controls

While the varieties of sweets do look very tempting, we tend to overgorge on the deserts. Exchanging sweets and gifts is a ritual and we take the consumption of sweets too seriously! A tip we suggest is to take just a quarter of the sweet potion. This not only allows you to taste a variety but helps to keep down the blood sugar levels too. Have a bite and enjoy the festive celebrations

Home cooks your delicacies

Cooking sweets at home can help you control the amount of sugar you add while also making sure that they are prepared in a healthy manner with less oil and calories. Use healthy oils and ghee for preparations. Also, make source of all ingredients are sourced fresh and healthy.

Switch to Healthy sugars

Natural substitutes for sugar like jaggery, honey, fruits, and dry fruits can easily replace the processed sugar while also making up for a healthy alternative. You can satisfy your cravings without having to feel guilty about what you eat. In fact, adopting this practice in everyday routine is highly recommended. Replace sugar with honey in your morning tea and see the amazing benefits in your body.

Baking over Frying

Baked and grilled foods are much healthier alternatives to deep-fried snacks and oily food. With lesser oil, they taste better and give you a feeling of fullness. Grilling also helps to preserve the nutritional value of the vegetables.


An extra step of physical activity and exercise can help control the calorie intake. Taking the staircase instead of an elevator or walling an extra mile is some practice you could incorporate daily. If you burn down sufficient calories, you would not feel guilty while having an extra bite of fattening foods.

Check Blood sugar levels

This Diwali season, get your sugar levels diagnosed so you know you can take extra precautions. Also, its best to monitor and different time points so you know how your bosy responds to the changing dietary habits.