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Throwback 2018 : Advancells’s story

2018 by contrast, has been a great year for Advancells. It has been a year of achievements and progress, a year of expansion and technological innovations, a year when issues of the present and challenges of the future melted away; leaving behind the atmosphere of great optimism towards the success of regenerative medicine.


Lifted and Shifted Brands

Advancells has always welcome the change in order to reshape the regenerative medicine and healthcare market. And we have been continuously upgrading our experiences and decades of lessons to think about how to continue to thrive in the future. With so much of innovations happening in the field of biotechnology, we wish to stand alone amongst our competitors. In this regard, the expansion of our emerging brand KOSHEEKA has shown early signs of success. Through KOSHEEKA, Advancells has taken a step forward in the field of primary cells lines.

Accelerated Cell Growth

We don’t believe in just looking at the current trends to figure out what are the demands and challenges of the healthcare market. Rather we like to identify the market trends in 2025; by having a good pulse of the market. We would like to introduce our latest patented technologies to support accelerate cellular expansion, in vivo for faster healing.


Sustainable Development

Advancells is aligned and contributing towards goals, structured by the National Authorities for sustainable development. Accordingly, we have marked a difference by contributing to “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”


We are curious, empowered, inclusive and pushing progress over perfection. We have been honored to be one of India’s top 50 emerging global companies in the year 2018. Advancells celebrates the innovative successes, experiments, and failures guided by our leader Mr. Vipul Jain, who has won the Growth Focused CEO of 2018- India. Apart from these, we have been featured in a number of magazines as an emerging start-up, further recolonizing the healthcare sector in India. Analytics India- 11 Indian Start-ups Revolutionising the Healthcare Sector With AI Financial Express- From lab to market- how start-ups are changing the game.



Advancells has participated in various conferences and exhibitions that allowed us to showcase our latest stem cell research and technology and connect with eminent people globally.

  • Advantage Healthcare India 2018
  • MEDEX 2018 International Medical and Pharmaceutical equipment and supply exhibition at Myanmar
  • BRICS Nations Science and Technology at Kunming, China
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