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Being healthy starts with small things that you need to take care in your daily life. We have advanced medical treatments of almost every disease but daily hacks are important for any serious occurrence led by our carelessness.

Diabetic Patient deals with very high blood glucose because of dropping down of insulin production or zero insulin.

When staying at home, a diabetic patient involves a lot of management to treat their diabetes, while traveling has another list of treatment that you need to take care for a happy journey.

Before you think of going anywhere keep these things in mind as a savior.

•             Patients with diabetes typically experience high blood sugar which in turn results in Polyuria i.e. they will undergo frequent urination. They will become extremely thirsty that is also called Polydipsia and hungry i.e. polyphagia.  Keep reserved food and water in your baggage always.

•             Get the contact list of pioneer doctors of wherever you are planning to go.

Having any health problem in a different city might be another headache when you do not know the hospitals and doctors out there. So before you get in any issue ring them to serve you prior to any unpredictable happening.

•             Try to keep yourself scheduled in your usual routine.

Although traveling works as a medicine to the patient but it really keeps everything out of the plan. Think beyond your schedule and pack the stuff accordingly. When you are traveling beyond your time zone then your time will be altered consequently.  More importantly, your sleeping time, eating time should be done according to the schedule.

•             Be full of stock and keep the supplies close to you.

Your diabetes medicines and requirements should be in one bag that you keep with you always. When you are traveling by plane it is advised to keep your supplies within the reach. You should always carry an insulin backup in your personal bag that don’t undergo X-ray baggage scanner because exposure of insulin in more intensity of heat or cold can spoil it. Also, keep your medical stuff stored carefully when traveling by train.

•             Keep your medical files tucked in your bag.

If you are traveling to a country, Take a prescription from your doctor which will state that you have diabetes, and need to have your medication with you at all times.

•             Get to know everything about your disease before moving ahead!

You must be aware that you can encounter low glucose sickness at any time so be prepared to treat that eventually. When you travel, your routine will be disrupted from your normal schedule of eating and dosing insulin, your physical activity will be increased as compared to your normal life. Due to these changes, level of glucose in your blood will be decreased  so be prepared to deal with it by having plenty of glucose tablets  which are proved to be the best for travel because they won’t melt; explode in heat or leak and become sticky.

•             Be careful of what you eat!

This has been told by our parents from the birth that you must take care of the food you are going to intake especially when you are under medical guidance. Check the carbohydrate level of your food so that you take the right pre-meal insulin.

In addition, keep testing your blood glucose before and after meals to see how new foods are affecting your glucose level. It’s crucial to keep your glucose numbers in check to avoid any related problems.

You must not eat everything looking delicious outside the street. Check the nutrition value of everything you intake.

•             Time Zone Alteration!

Traveling to an unconventional place you should always make it sure that you adjust your insulin pump’s clock. Consult your doctor beforehand to tackle upcoming issues and read about it for better knowledge. Inform your Diabetes care team about your plans so that they can guide you to how to stay healthy during the visit.

•             Test your blood sugar!

Although you are feeling fit when you started traveling, it is mandatory to check your blood sugar because travel can have all sorts of effects on diabetes management like you may be sitting for more than just hours on your seat. Not doing activity for prolonged hours can lead to the elevated level of blood glucose. Because of the changes in your schedule, it is very important to test glucose before and after meals. Plan an appointment and discuss your trip to the doctor before going for traveling.

•             Let Co-travelers be known to your disease!

Well, this is not something cool to discuss your disease with the people you are going to travel. They might not come up with a relieving factor to your tour. But it is better to be safe than being sorry later. Do tell your travel neighbors that what you do to stay healthy and active on your journey so that they be prepared to help you if there is any emergency.

It is advised to wear an identity that states you have diabetes and your emergency contact number.

Traveling is necessary for your health, change in the air can completely heal you many times but equally, it requires advanced care to be safe and away from side effects with the change in environment.

We want you to be safe and healthy.

Have A Happy and Healthy Journey!

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