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Ulcers can be generally simplified as the open sore on an external and internal surface of the body. Stomach ulcers, known as the peptic ulcers are chronic and solitary lesions in the form of small holes or breaks occurring in any portion of the gastrointestinal tract exposed to the aggressive action of the gastric acids or peptic juices. A person with gastric ulcers thus may experience burning, aching pain between the belly button and the breastbone. He may also complain about bloating and nausea all the time.

PRP Therapy For Ulcers: Advancells Protocol

With the advancing technology, the treatment implementing Platelet Rich Plasma is gaining popularity as a biological booster to accelerate body’s delayed healing mechanism and maximise cell proliferation. The use of PRP is a very efficient technique being employed since the 1990’s to promote healing of the soft tissues as well as wounds and is categorically attracting many doctors, due to its incredible outcomes. The regenerative therapies at Advancells are focused mainly on improving the patient’s quality of life along with repairing the damaged tissues and restoring its lost function.

At Advancells, for choosing the right treatment strategy, we give special consideration to the stage of the wound and accordingly the purpose of the regenerative therapy such as protection, moisturization, removal of necrotic tissue etc. Our top priority is to provide a very comprehensive and individualized regenerative therapy which is best suited for our patients, aiming for maximum recovery, repairing damaged tissues and restoring their lost function and thereby improving the patient’s quality of life.


The Entire Treatment Process at Advancells is divided into 4 steps


Treatment Qualification

Source Extraction

Processing of stem cells


Advancells has come up with unique technologies to offer freshly expanded cells with much better efficiency & viability for all your therapeutic need

Recovery of more than 94% cell count which is up to 20 times more than other dated technologies.

Research oriented company focused on therapeutic applications of Regenerative Medicine.

Delivering technologies for safe and effective regenerative therapies for patients with the highest medical standards.

World-class GMP lab at the forefront of R&D for finding natural, safe and effective therapies for life-threatening diseases & for preventive healthcare, cosmetic treatments and Anti Ageing Therapies.

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Recent Gastric Ulcers Patient Case Stories

Patients from across the world have approached Advancells for stem cells based regenerative therapies. By providing quality regenerative therapies for our patients, we are glad we have been able to improve the quality of life for more than 8000 patients.

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