Are you considering stem cell therapy for a disease? One of the major dilemmas for opting Stem Cell Therapy is the clinic from which you decide to get treated. With a plethora of options these days and lack of technical knowledge, this decision could be particularly cumbersome to take. Before investing in stem cell therapy, you must check the credibility of the clinic and therapy and get your doubts cleared

Here we enlist key points to help you through the process before therapy:

  1. Quality and quantity of the cells:

The quality and the quantity of the cells delivered to the patient are extremely crucial. It is essential that only live cells are being administered to the patient. Dead cells will be of no use and will in fact clot up in your blood vessels or do extra harm.  A report/ document stating the cell viability and cell count must be provided to the patient and re-verified through a third-party evaluation. Further, the cells should be subjected through strict microbiological testing to ensure that they are free from contaminants and in a healthy state.

  1. In- house Facilities:

Stem cell labs require very sterile and ultra-modern facilities for performing the isolation and purification procedure. The technique used by the lab technicians and scientists is as important as the clinician’s expertise who will isolate and inject the stem cells. The procedure of isolating and growing stem cells requires mastery of cell culture techniques to ensure high quality of cells being grown. An in-house certified GMP facility along with qualified scientists will be proof that sufficient expertise is being utilized in the procedure.

  1. Are you administered true stem cells?

As much as the whole procedure of extraction and purification important, what matters is that the resultant product is truly the stem cells that we desire. This can be verified by performing experiments that characterize whether the cells you are using are having the properties of true stem cells. The providers must mention the data for characterization in a report form. Usually, a flow cytometry-based experiment is performed that mentions the percentage of stem cell proteins that are present in your cells.

At Advancells, we have an expert team of scientists, technicians, physicians and stem cell experts that have years of experience performing this procedure. Our research has been published in various journals and patients have observed significant improvements. We have an ISO compliant GMP facility of class 10,000 with ultra-modern facilities. Our Chief Technological Officer, Dr. Sachin Kadam has stem cell expertise from John Hopkins University and is well established in the research field. For every patient, we provide a detailed report stating the cell viability and cell count that is verified through a third-party organization. We also provide a report of the cell characterization data through flow cytometric evaluation.

If you still have any apprehensions of a stem cell procedure, please feel free to drop your queries in the comments section below.