Sports is a profession where time is literally money. Every game missed is a representation of lost statistics or Fitness governs the individual’s performance on the field. Getting injured at the peak of one’s career when health is the strongest could be a major setback for one’s career. Injuries could range from sprains, broken bones, back injuries or ligament tears. Returning back to the field after a major injury could take years and often replace the player with fitter and better alternatives. Further, it is not just physical pain but also the mental pressure and depression from being away from what you love. Even if you return back, there are always chances of a re-injury. If the tissue has not healed completely, the pain and inflammation will continue to bother despite medications and therapy. Though there are several treatment options, the ones practiced classically have their own pitfalls.  A few limitations include:

  • Extremely slow recovery
  • Surgical interventions
  • Longer time to return back to field
  • High chances of re-injury

Today, Stem cell therapy is a popular choice among most top players as it works very differently from other treatments. Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive alternative to conventional treatments. Most major injuries may require surgery which will further delay the recovery of the individual. Stem cells, on the other hand, require only localized injections at the site of injury. The most prominent therapeutic effect is diminishing pain from tissue damage. Stem cells are like strong anti-inflammatory pills. They release factors that reduce swelling, redness, and pain. They employ body’s complete healing mechanism that will repair the root cause of the injury ensuring there are no chances of recurrence. They help in regenerating cartilage, bones, tendons and damaged tissues. Most importantly, the healing time is accelerated so the players do not have to depend on medications and wait for an injury to heal.

In 2016, the Madrid forward, Cristiano Ronaldo received stem cell therapy for a broken knee. The result was complete absence of pain in the affected area. Another famous case is that of tennis player Rafael Nadal who received stem cell therapy not only for his knees but also for the back problems. It not only benefitted him in quick recovery but also helped him achieve his match-winning record post-therapy.

At Advancells, we have developed a technology for stem cell isolation, growth and purification to obtain the highest quality of cells from the patient. These are infused back under strictly sterile conditions at the site of damage to get maximum effect.

Why is Advancells treatment regime unique?

  • A powerful combination of Stem cells +PRP technology
  • Advanced protocols and techniques
  • State of the art and certified facilities
  • Published research and scientific proof


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"Advancells is a strong advocate of greater transparency in medical procedures in general and Stem Cells Procedures in particular. As a part of our effort of bringing transparent procedures to our clients, we provide each client a Third Party Certificate (from an internationally accredited lab) for the cell count and viability of the cells that we are able to process from the autologous cell source of the patient. To view the sample copy of the certificate  "click here"



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