Ever wondered why we have a name for a particular day? It relates to the history which expresses the importance of the day.

I recently updated myself with 10th of October as World Mental Health Day which was first celebrated in 1992.

World Mental Health Day is an initiative taken by World Federation group to educate and inform everyone about mental health.

Do you know that 70% of the population is sick mentally? In fact, you can be one of them. Nowadays People are more stressed than ever because their expectations level is high. Mental health is the main element to a healthy life.

Mental illness has become one of the most common health issues in recent times. Anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, impulse control, and addiction disorder, obsessive- compulsive disorder, personality disorder, and post-traumatic disorder are few terms known as the type of mental disorders.

Mental health day is to support these patients which are among you and are sick where most of the people think that mental disorders are not common but happens to someone else.  It has been estimated that millions of people in a given year and around the world are suffering from one or many types of mental sickness.  Commonly, families do not accept the idea that their loved one has a mental disorder and it makes them feel vulnerable to the opinions and judgments of others.

Mental Health day is concentrated to help treat those few completely, by giving them extra care and love.

Mental Health day is actually initiated to let everyone be the part of it to help whoever they know is going through mental and emotional issues.

If you are not aware of what mental health issue could be then let me inform you that Mental illness is a disease that causes moderate to severe disturbances in behaviour which leads to an inability to confront with life’s ordinary demands and routines.

In general, there are more than 200 categories of mental illness. AutismDementiaAlzheimer and Cerebral Palsy are common to name a few.

You can easily recognize the patient on the basis of sudden change in mood, personality transformation or social withdrawal.

These mental health problems are increasing day by day due to excessive stress at a particular situation or outrageous series of events or just by a reaction to environment stresses, genetic factors, biochemical imbalances  or above all.

A mentally sick patient requires special care and treatment to recover from a mental illness or emotional disorder.

If you know a person with these symptoms let know a doctor to help him.

You might encounter sudden changes in behavior and thoughts of a mentally sick patient.

Mental Health department says that these symptoms can be a result of any other medical condition. Please confirm with the doctor dealing with his/her condition.

These few symptoms are sign of mental illness;

  • Confused thinking or bewildered thought process.
  • Depression from a long time
  • A mentally ill person does feel extremely high and low at times.
  • They may fear a lot of very small things
  • They keep on being worried and anxious frequently
  • A depress or patient cuts off with all social possibility
  • He/she might face dramatic changes in their eating and sleeping habits
  • It is advised to keep a distance when a mental patient is angry. (Extreme anger)
  • A mental patient can go through delusions where he /she experiences strange thoughts about very normal things and their life.
  • They might feel or hear invisible things called hallucinations
  • Dealing with quite easy things become hard for them
  • The most common thought of a mentally sick patient is to kill him/her.
  • They may use material to hit someone in anger
  • Mental health affects appetite

A child can experience different sort of changes when mentally sick:

  • A student of younger age may drop down his/her school performance leading to poor grades even after working hard.
  • At a very early age, these kids start being worried a lot.
  • Hyperactivity in the child can be seen.
  • The mentally ill child may get nightmares at daily basis.

You can easily tackle your mental illness by feeding your mind with love and care.

Know how to cope day to day and become the healthiest person.

  • You have to accept your feelings, beyond different symptoms and types of mental illness. This is quite OK that you yourself denying the warning signs, being worried about what people will think because of the stigma or confused about what caused your loved one to become mentally ill. Accept that this is quite common these days that one might face a lot of stress and it results in mental illness gradually.
  • A Psychological doctor can counsel you on this chapter. If you find this persistent than consult a psychologist to treat your loved one as soon as possible. Also, share your knowledge to everyone whose relative might be facing this issue but not aware what can be done to sort this out.
  • You might deal with not understanding what is actually happening that is decreasing your performance in handling daily things. A person may be extremely withdrawn to society and may feel very much depressive even about their family members. You may act unusual and unacceptable in public that is because of your mental illness. So whenever you meet your doctor, do tell your behavioral problems. I advise you to take it easy.
  • Your Family is only trying to help you by asking general questions about your life. Be calm and listen to them, it will only help you at the end. Your Friends are another bridge to take you back as you were once. Remember, when you are with them you are happy and sorted. Let them be with you as much as possible. Dear, friends are your medicines. Discuss your behavioral problems with them and find out the reason and solutions at one end. Beyond Doctor, they will give you the best advice.

If these above things do not work, get a counselor!

  • A mental health counselor can suggest good ways cope and better understand your or your loved one’s illness.  Counselors have experience in treating very ill patients, so they know how to develop a good feeling about you.
  • It is always an awesome idea to travel away from your native place, you can visit any hill area or landslide fresh air can treat you well. A family tour will be much awesome than going alone because they will feel worried about you when you are away from them.
  • Sit alone and talk to yourself, you are not sick at all. It just about this time that has made you little unmanaged.  You will be better every day with your positive thoughts. Think yourself the healthiest person and take part in everything you love to do.

World Health Day is a brilliant step towards a Mentally Healthy world.

We request you to support and help these patients by adding psychological aid in their life as we are doing.

Mental illness is not an incurable disease but can easily be tackled.

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