Year of birth: 1943

Marital status: Married, two children

Disease treated: Dementia


One day I noticed that my mother began to forget things. This kept increasing and we decided to take medical help and consulted with the doctor. It was then she was diagnosed with Dementia.


During the following months, step by step, the disease affected her walking until she was ultimately confined to a wheelchair. I remember that her walking was tentative due to hallucinations and imaginary hurdles. She could only manage a few steps, leaning on two people with bent legs almost touching almost the ground.

She used to have hallucinations all the time. Even when sitting on the sofa, she was looking for “something” or trying to catch and throw away imaginary threads. In addition to that, she used to speak unintelligibly; uttering absolute nonsense.

She used to look anywhere, talking to imaginary people with her eyes and mouth wide open and salivating from time-to-time. She recognized neither relatives nor even herself. She did not recognize her own possessions. She stopped eating. When she did eat, it could have anything at any time, even inedible objects. She had lost all sense of modesty.

She became permanently incontinent. She would curl up while lying in bed; her muscles as stiff as wood. If we tried to stretch her arms and legs, she would scream at us. Her cognitive functions were so impaired that she would not respond to normal stimuli. She would not eat or drink. During the daytime, all she did was scream and cry, calling or seeing dead people for hours. During a brief period of time, she did not sleep, even after taking prescription medication. Her face had lost all expression and emotion and she began losing a lot of weight.

This was this point which forced me to look into an alternative option. I made the decision to take her for a stem cell treatment even though our doctors, professors and even by my brother disagreed and tried to dissuade me.

Stem cell therapy – Results

When we arrived at the clinic for the stem cell therapy, Giulia did nothing but scream. But the procedure was well organized and was very quick. Giulia showed no sign of immense pain from the procedure, which was a relief to us as this implied that she is not hurt from the extraction process.

During the following months, my mother was regaining her ability to recognize her close relatives. She was able to go to the restroom by herself. She had not felt the urge to go to the bathroom in a long time. She walked to the bathroom without hesitation. While in the bathroom, she recognized her face in the mirror and then tried to arrange her disheveled hair. She even showed interest in personal hygiene.

“…my mother has regained the ability to …recognize close relatives..”.

In general, I can say that after stem cell therapy, her memory has improved (dreams/events/ prayers/ music/films). Her physical abilities have improved. She is walking more steadily. She is more stable emotionally as well. To me these are all positive signs of cell regeneration; especially in comparison to my mother`s physical and emotional condition prior to treatment.



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