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Diabetes presents a significant challenge without a simple solution at present. However, stem cell research is advancing rapidly, offering a potential breakthrough in the quest to cure diabetes.

Artificial Intelligence future of Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to have a significant impact on the future of healthcare. With the help of AI, healthcare providers can create personalized treatment plans based on a patient’s unique health profile.

How to Keep Transparency in Healthcare

Today’s discussion about openness in healthcare is centred on the patients. The patient has the right to inquire about several topics, such as available treatments, their prices, potential hazards, and likely outcomes.

I was diagnosed with cerebral ataxia. My body used to shake a lot and I had coordination issues while walking. All these problems made me nervous while going out. I tried various medications and therapies but they did not work. Eventually, I was introduced to stem cell therapy.

Webinar EP 02: Arthritis Management with Stem Cells

Inflammation in the joints, such as the knees, shoulders, hips, spine, hands, feet, elbows, or ankles, is known as arthritis. The cartilage between the ends of your bones is worn away by osteoarthritis, also known as “wear and tear” arthritis due to its persistent inflammation.

In recent years, stem cell therapy has become a contentious but exciting topic among researchers, physicians, and even the general public. A fruitful and cutting-edge scientific research area is the application of stem cells in regenerative medicine.

Advancells is a strong advocate of greater transparency in medical procedures in general and Stem Cells Procedures in particular. As a part of our effort of bringing transparent procedures to our clients, we provide each client a Third Party Certificate (from an internationally accredited lab) for the cell count and viability of the cells that we are able to process from the autologous cell source of the patient.   View sample Certificate