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Welcome to Advancells : India’s Premium Regenerative Medicine-Based Service Provider


Advancells is a research-oriented company, focused on offering Regenerative Medicine-based products and services for successful therapeutic applications. Being one of the pioneers, we are passionate about the almost-limitless potential of adult stem cells in treating several degenerative ailments, presently tagged as “Orphan Illness”. With a resolute that Better Healthcare is a Fundamental Right of each Individual, we strive to deliver safe and effective new-age technologies to Our Patients across the globe. We are presently involved in several clinical studies as well as research and development to consistently improve our protocols and standards. In this journey towards achieving the “Elixir of Life”, Advancells is strongly backed by scientists, technical experts, doctors, and clinical researchers,thus establishing a robust Quality Management System.

Our world-class cGMP compliant lab is at the forefront of research and innovations, and serves as a platform to present the latest technologies to our partnered medical practitioners and hospitals; ultimately benefitting thousands of patients annually with natural, safe, and effective therapeutic modules to manage multiple life-threatening ailments. With our technological excellence, we also hold the leading position in the field of preventive healthcare technologies, such as Cosmetic treatments, Orthopedic treatments, Anti Ageing Therapies therapies, and Immuno Boosting treatments.

Advancells has been credited with lots of accolades and recognition. We are honoured to host the Amir of the State of Kuwait. Read more

Our Vision

We have identified the vast therapeutic potential exhibited by stem cells, which can be effectively utilized to treat a variety of ailments that are presently categorized as “Incurable”. We strive to be the leaders in bringing the modern translational medicine, combined with other supplementary natural therapies as a “Mainstream Personalized Treatment Module”.

In our journey towards being the best among cellular medicine providers, we welcome you to go through our vast literature on stem cells and how they are shaping up the future of modern medicine. We would also like you to visit our testimonial page to know more about our extended family, who have not only shown faith in science and technology but also on our promise of providing a healthy life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to harness the maximum potential of Regenerative Medicine using latest technologies and innovations, for enhanced efficiency and product quality. We are dedicated towards increasing awareness about modern medicine, advancing accessibility for better therapeutics, and establishing a stringent quality control system to develop better healthcare that begets better living!

Our Specialty

At Advancells, we take pride in proposing a “Personalized Medicine” instead of the “one size fits all” strategy. Each protocol is customized according to individual requirements using the best quality of, viable stem cells, isolated from a variety of available sources. With a higher tissue-specific differentiation potential, our stem cell infusion protocols are designed with an effective result-oriented approach. At Advancells, we have perfected the art of cellular recovery with a consistent rate of over 94%, irrespective of the stem cell source and isolation method.

Whatever we say is not just a word of mouth, but each cell that is being produced in our laboratory is thoroughly tested for viability, efficiency, and characterization. To further cement our quality claim, all our products are accompanied with a third party-authenticated certificate of compliance.

Our Specialty

At Advancells we do not follow the practice of one size fits all and thus a unique protocol is prepared for each patient; specifically keeping in mind the best cell source, viable cell quantity and reinjection protocol. We take pride in being transparent with our patients and thus every cell that is being produced in our laboratory is tested for viability, efficacy and safety, before being released for transplant. Every patient gets a certificate of analysis as a proof of our promise to them.

At Advancells, we have perfected the art of cell recovery and are able to consistently recover more than 94% cell count from various cell sources such as bone marrow, adipose tissues etc. This is upto 10 to 20 times more than what other dated technologies can perform. We have the ability to even expand the cell count via culture if the same is required in particular patients.

Our Aim

We aim to spearhead breakthroughs in the field of “Personalized Medicine” using adult stem cells, available in our bodies. We aim to understand and reconfigure different inside processes that are responsible for effective disease management, like cellular communication, cytokines, growth factors, hormones, etc; combining them further with viable stem cells and coax them for faster tissue-specific healing, as per the disease requirement.

“Advancells utilizes the best processing and separation technology to isolate highly-viable stem cells for better clinical outcomes. Through our well-established Quality Management System, we ensure that all the processes, raw material, and delivery systems follow GMP standards. “..[Techstory]


Our Team

Founder and CEO

Over 12 years experience in healthcare marketing. With background in Medical Tourism, Vipul has extensive contacts in the medical community across the world and is thus suitably placed to market the services to the hospitals, doctors and patients.


Over 14 years of experience in clinical research and development of stem cells. He did post doctoral work at John Hopkins University, USA and then joined DY Patil University and Amity University as Professor prior to joining Advancells as CTO.

Head of Lab

With 14 years of onsite research & development experience in Stem Cells Biology, Shraddha has acquired wide expertise in various Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology and Immunotherapy Operations.

Head Digital Marketing

Meenu takes charge of the digital presence & marketing for Advancells. She is highly competent in Social Media and Search Engine aspects of digital marketing.

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"Advancells is a strong advocate of greater transparency in medical procedures in general and Stem Cells Procedures in particular. As a part of our effort of bringing transparent procedures to our clients, we provide each client a Third Party Certificate (from an internationally accredited lab) for the cell count and viability of the cells that we are able to process from the autologous cell source of the patient. To view the sample copy of the certificate  "click here"




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