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Stem Cell Therapy For COPD Or Lung Disease

Dare To Ask: ‘What If?”

What if instead of merely treating disease symptoms, we could restore functions and health by replacing damaged/lost tissue cells?

What if it were possible to trade a lifelong pharmaceutical regimen for a single treatment that prevents symptomatic progression?

We are working with leading health centers to study the potential of stem cells and exosomes together to rebuild functional lung improvements.

Stem Cell Therapy for Acute Lung Distress Syndrome

Lung diseases are one of the most common medical conditions in the world affecting more than 10 million people all over the world. They can arise due to problems associated with any part of the respiratory system, leading to Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD). Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) also known as chronic obstructive airway disease is a type of lung disease characterized by the progressively poor passage of airflow associated with difficulty in breathing, excessive cough and sputum are the other common symptoms of COPD.
Emphysema, a common type of COPD, is a progressive disorder with no treatment available in conventional medicine. However, Stem Cell Therapy can help to slow down the progression of the disease, treat the obstructed airways to relieve associated hypoxia and improve the overall quality of life for Emphysema patients. Stem cell therapy for ILD and COPD, besides other lung disease treatment, help in protecting the lung tissue by suppressing inflammation caused by pollutants, accelerate regeneration of airway tubes and air sacs. They can even efficiently trigger production of growth factors which further facilitates regeneration.

Stem Cell Therapy For Lung Diseases: Advancells Protocol

We are exploiting the most potent stem cells, for lung disease stem cell treatment, from patients’ own Bone Marrow or Adipose tissue or maybe both depending upon the assessment. Our top priority is to provide a very comprehensive and individualized lung disease stem cell treatment pattern which is best suited for the patients. Since the body’s own cells are used the technique is very safe with no side effects, non-invasive and effective.
With extensive research these challenges are now comprehensible to therapeutic ventures resulting in stem cell treatment for lung diseases using autologous treatment/allogenic transplant for adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells treatment and bone marrow stromal cells treatment. This new insight on the treatment of lung diseases has helped in identifying the potential to overcome lung diseases with stem cells, primarily using autologous stem cell transplant in form of hematopoietic stem cell transplant or mesenchymal stromal cells treatment.

Procedure of Treatment of Lung Disease through Stem Cells Therapy

Treatment Qualification

Source Extraction

Processing of stem cells


Causes of Lung disease

Environmental Trigger

Neuromuscular Disorders

Poor dietary habits

Adverse Drug Effect

Lung Toxicity

Symptoms of Lung disease

Difficulty in breathing

Chronic cough and fatigue

Chest tightness

Unusual Weight Loss And Weakness

Swelling in body

Blue Colored Lips

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Diseases?

100% Safe

Targeted delivery






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Treating COPD With Exosomes

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How is Stem Cell Therapy for COPD Helpful?
How is Stem Cell Therapy for COPD Helpful?

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Statistics of Overall Improvement of Lung/COPD Disease through Stem Cell Therapy 

As of now, a perpetual ILD & COPD cure is not available, but with the help of a supportive approach and some lifestyle changes, one can relax the symptoms to a certain extent. With the recent technological advancements in modern science and innovations in stem cell therapy for lung disease, the overall quality of life has improved.

Recent Lung Disease Treatment Patient Case Stories

Post lung disease Stem Cell Therapy at Advancells, majority of the patients have reported improved breathing function and stamina as well as a great reduction in cough. They have been observed to achieve better emotional stability with the potential of stem cell treatment for lung disease. Once treated, the patients are generally allowed to even return to their home or hotel on the same day. Only in certain cases a days stay at the clinic will be advised

Find out how Stem Cell Treatment for Lung Disease is improving the lives of patients suffering from Lung Diseases


Advancells is a strong advocate of greater transparency in medical procedures in general and Stem Cells Procedures in particular. As a part of our effort of bringing transparent procedures to our clients, we provide each client a Third Party Certificate (from an internationally accredited lab) for the cell count and viability of the cells that we are able to process from the autologous cell source of the patient. To view the sample copy of the certificate  click here