Global Stem Cells Group has announced an agreement to share protocols with Advancells, a pioneer stem cell company that provides a range of safe treatments for various diseases. The alliance will also pave the way for Global Stem Cells Group to expand operations in India.

“Advancells delivers technologies for safe and effective treatments using their flagship technologies.”

MIAMI (PRWEB) February 16, 2015

Global Stem Cells Group, Inc.  announced an alliance with India-based stem cells company, to share protocols and expand GSCG operations in the India subcontinent with stem cell training and a new treatment center.

Advancells a pioneer stem cell company with some of the most advanced protocols in the world, focuses on therapeutic applications of regenerative medicine primarily used in stem cells generated from the patient’s own body. Advancells delivers technologies for safe and effective treatments using their flagship technologies including autologous stem cell therapy from bone marrow and adipose tissue to patients worldwide; Global Stem Cells Group will implement some Advancells technologies in the Regenestem Netowork of worldwide clinics. Since 2005, Advancells has safely treated thousands of patients for a range of diseases and medical conditions in its various clinics around the globe. Advancells is supported by physicians, stem cell experts and clinical research scientists to continually monitor and improve the effectiveness of its quality management system with excellence and innovation.

“We are pleased to partner with Global Stem Cells Group, to combine our knowledge and expand our ability to bring stem cell medicine to patients worldwide,” says Advancells CEO, Vipul Jain. “I am looking forward to a long and productive alliance.”

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About the Global Stem Cells Group:

Global Stem Cells Group, Inc. is the parent company of six wholly owned operating companies dedicated entirely to stem cell research, training, products and solutions. Founded in 2012, the company combines dedicated researchers, physician and patient educators and solution providers with the shared goal of meeting the growing worldwide need for leading edge stem cell treatments and solutions. With a singular focus on this exciting new area of medical research, Global Stem Cells Group and its subsidiaries are uniquely positioned to become global leaders in cellular medicine.

Global Stem Cells Group’s corporate mission is to make the promise of stem cell medicine a reality for patients around the world. With each of GSCG’s six operating companies focused on a separate research-based mission, the result is a global network of state-of-the-art stem cell treatments.

About the Regenestem Network:

The largest membership network of regenerative medicine clinics in the world, Regenestem Network members provide cutting-edge care with the latest advancements in cellular therapies to patients worldwide.

The Regenestem Network mission is to make the promise of stem cell medicine a reality for patients around the world. The program consists of a rapidly expanding network of physicians who are assigned exclusive territory within their country and specialty. Each physician is trained by Regenestem’s professional staff. In addition, member physicians secure all necessary medical equipment and supplies through the Global Stem Cells Group network of stem cell product providers in order to perform stem cell treatments, and contract with Global Stem Cells Group in order to market services and recruit patients to their practice. Each Regenestem Network physician is invited to become a member of the Global Stem Cells faculty and The Global Stem Cell Foundation, and afforded additional benefits.

About Advancells:

Advancells is focused on the therapeutic applications of regenerative medicine primarily used in stem cells generated from the patient’s own body. Using technologies like autologous stem cell therapy from bone marrow and adipose tissue, Advancells has been successfully treating patients on a global level since 2005. The company strives to maintain scientific and ethical traditions through Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with the accepted national and international norms.