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Regenerative Therapies For Female Infertility

Stem cell-based strategies for number of fertility issues like ovarian regeneration, oocyte production have been proposed for clinical applications through number of relevant studies. In fact, after the pioneering work of White et al.; it has been confirmed that human ovaries are full of number of mitotically active germ cells, which can be purified and used to sort out fertility issues. Increased scientific evidences have confirmed around 25-30% recovery in functional aspects of ovaries, post stem cell transplantation; due to which, recovery rates as high as 85-90% have been confirmed in patients with other favorable predictors (Volarevic V, Bojic S, et.al; 2014) 

Some of the commonly associated problems within this branch of medical sciences are:

Asherman Syndrome

Asherman’s syndrome, also commonly identified as intrauterine adhesions is an acquired condition, characterized with the fibrous scarring inside the uterine cavity. Some of the commonly noted symptoms of Asherman’s syndrome are reduced menstrual flow, pelvic pain as well as infertility in advanced case.

The first incidence of Asherman’s syndrome was identified by Fritsch in the year 1894; and later seemed to be very common in recently pregnant ladies, especially due to trauma, pregnancy-related curettage, infection, and surgery. These adhesions can result in the development of obstructions in intrauterine cavities and cervical canal. Infertility being one of the major consequences of Asherman’s syndrome; most of the women have to opt for either surrogacy or adoption.

Stem cells have long been successfully used to treat multiple blood born conditions like myeloma, leukemia as well as lymphoma. At the same time, enough evidence have been collected that report the existence of stem cell population in the endometrial lining of uterine cavities. At the same time, a pool of stem cells isolated from some of the most, potent sources like bone marrow, adipose tissue, etc. can regenerate endometrial lining to a great extent. Studies have confirmed improved menstruation, reduced pelvic pain as well as adequate growth in endometrial lining 3 months post stem cell therapy.

Endometrial Thinning

Endometrium is one of the main factors in implantation and pregnancy. It has been seen that thin endometrium is considered as critical factor in embryo implantation failure. However, pregnancy rate can be increased with growing endometrial thickness. The preparation of the endometrium for receiving embryo is associated with a period of hyperproliferation and angiogenesis. The endometrial thickness expands by 5–7 mm in each menstrual cycle. Given this highly regulated mechanism, a great amount of tissue remodeling, growth factor secretion, and endothelial sprouting must occur in a tightly regulated manner.

Poor Ovarian Reserve

Ovarian aging has turned into a key challenge for Reproductive Medicine, as the ovary ages chronologically before other organs producing a decline in fecundity in a woman’s thirties, leading to ovarian fibrosis and complete ovarian failure in the early fifties

Therefore, the advanced maternal age, which influences both the quantity and quality of oocytes, has currently become the main determinant of fertility. In all cases of ovarian impairment, such as poor ovarian response and diminished ovarian reserve or primary ovarian insufficiency, there remains a need for methods to restore fertility in patients seeking reproductive success but where oocyte donation is the only practical option. Several studies have confirmed that bone marrow derived stem cells have been able to colonize the ovaries and initiate folliculogenesis.

Stem Cell Therapy: Advancells Protocol

Aggressive scientific invention and clinical studies have outlined various stem cell-based strategies for ovarian regeneration as well as artificial production of oocytes to treat female fertility issues. Many areas of reproductive medicines have been pinpointed for the clinical translation of stem cells, such as in vitro gamete production, endometrial regeneration, erectile dysfunction etc. Although, it seems to be very attractive the scientific team of Advancells wishes to proceed with the cautious optimism and be careful not to overstate the promises of the technology in its current form. We have been associated with the infertility experts with vast expertise to propose better therapeutic module.

The entire medical procedure at Advancells consists of 4 steps:

Qualification For The Treatment

Source Extraction

Laboratory Processing


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