Source: Techinasia

Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us. Enjoy this week’s list!

1. Sleepace | China (Techlist Profile)

Chinese hardware startup Sleepace is a maker of a gadget that monitors people’s sleep. An alternative to a tracker wristband, the company’s sole device right now is RestOn, which lies across the width of a bed in order to monitor a user’s sleep cycles, movements, respiratory rate, and heart rate. The sleep data is then presented in an accompanying app.

2. Expert 360 | Australia (Techlist Profile)

Australian startup Expert 360 is an online consultant services marketplace. Consultants can sign up to startup’s website and get contacted by companies in need of their expertise. As such, even small enterprises can have access to consulting services they might not have been able to afford otherwise.

3. ZenRadius | India (Techlist Profile)

ZenRadius helps you find credible hires by using analytics to find the right people to make referrals for the job descriptions you post. At the same time, it widens your circle of referrals by tapping into your contacts as well as the contacts of your contacts.

4. KFit | Malaysia (Techlist Profile)

KFit is a startup in Malaysia that offers users unlimited access to gyms and fitness classes for a monthly fee. Launched in May this year, the startup has helped users make 400,000 bookings a month.

5. NoBroker | India (Techlist Profile)

NoBroker is a platform for home-seekers and home-owners to connect without having to deal with brokers. The company makes sure that properties on the site are genuine by verifying each listing for its content, photo, location, and broker-free ownership. It even offers assistance with the rental agreement registration.

6. Furdo | India

Furdo allows users to pick a theme on the platform and then submit their home’s floor plan. It will create a customizable 3D video of how the home will look like if it was decorated according the theme picked. The video will give a 360-degree virtual tour of the home, so that users can choose the design elements that they like. All the products displayed in the video can be bought from their partner estores like PepperFry and FabFurnish.

7. JetSetGo | India

JetSetGo is an aggregator of private jets and helicopters. It allows charter customers to book a private jet online by entering travel details of cities they would like to fly to along with date and time.

8. ShopAtPlaces | India

ShopAtPlaces is an online store that sells products sourced from different places which are famous for it. For example, brass jewelry from Uttar Pradesh, tussar silk stoles from Jharkhand, Chikankari clothes from Lucknow, and so on. The platform claims to have 3,500 products across categories like apparel, accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes, home decor, and fragrances.

9. 10times | India

10Times is a business event discovery and networking platform that has also built other services like accessing speaker information and event agendas, viewing maps and getting directions to the venue, and setting reminders for the event. It aims to improve event-goers’ experience before, during, and after the event. It also introduced a Tinder-like app for event goers that allows users to get introduced to other attendees beforehand.

10. Tamecco | Japan (Techlist Profile)

Tokyo-based startup Tamecco leverages AI and machine learning to provide targeted coupons, discounts, and other perks for its users’ favorite or most-frequented brick-and-mortar stores. For the retailer, Tamecco can analyze a variety of things based on a user’s location, such as high and low-traffic areas or how close a customer got to the cash register without making a purchase. It can also tell when a user is a first-time visitor to a specific shop, and perhaps offer them a one-time discount.

11. Snackosaur | India (Techlist Profile)

Snackosaur is a subscription-based service offering alternatives to the run-of-the-mill unhealthy snacks. Some of the snacks can be ordered a la carte, but otherwise, customers must pick up a one-month or three-month subscription which will get them a box full of snacks every fortnight. There is also a one-time trial box with an assortment of five snacks in it.

12. Advancells | India (Techlist Profile)

Advancells is using stem cell therapy to treat various medical conditions. The company focuses on providing treatment for many diseases like Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), autism, diabetes, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and ophthalmological disorders. It even carries out certain cosmetic procedures. Post-treatment procedures are carried out by the Advancells’ team.

13. Zimplistic | India (Techlist Profile)

Zimplistic’s first product Rotimatic is an automatic roti maker that within a week of its launch, US$5 million worth of it, priced at US$599, were sold. All you need to do is put in the flour and any dry additives in one container, the water and soluble flavoring items like salt in the wet container, and the ghee (clarified butter) or any other oil in a third, small container. After a minute, a flat, circular roti slides out of the machine – much like a sheet of paper would come out of a photocopier.

14. Lucep | Singapore (Techlist Profile)

Currently still in beta, Singapore-based Lucep built a mobile app for lead and prospect management for businesses who need to get back to prospective leads as soon as possible, or risk losing that potential customer completely. The startup has a widget that appears on a business’ website, much like a customer support chat box. The tool creates a virtual queue of prospective customers, allowing the next available person in a sales team to follow the next lead.

15. NestAway | India (Techlist Profile)

Bangalore-based startup NestAway seeks to provide fully furnished shared accommodation for working singles living in metro cities. NestAway claims to give a hassle free online renting experience based on the customer’s preferences. There is no brokerage cost on finding accommodation and each tenants is verified before entering a contract.

16. SafeCity | India

SafeCity aims to make cities safer by encouraging equal access to public spaces for everyone, especially women, through data and technology. The website lets users anonymously provide details of what happened, where, and when the incident took place. These complaints get aggregated as hot spots on a map indicating where the problems are occurring.

17. Joybynature | India

India’s Joybynature works with 300 vendors across the country and offers 10,000 organic products, including toiletries, mosquito repellents, floor cleaners, cereals, baby food, and edible seeds. It also has experts on live chat for advice on healthy living.

18. Inoho | India (Techlist Profile)

Inoho wants to build an affordable home automation system that would blend into the existing electrical plan of the house. It comes in three parts: a switchboard module, a home controller, and the app. The home controller connects to the wifi router so that you can access the whole system remotely, and can also connect directly to a smartphone, laptop or tablet so you can control the system at home even without a wifi signal.