Source: The Pioneer

The stem cell therapy is still far away from the patients of the State Capital. However, a patient in the local Akshay hospital went through this therapy on Monday. Delhi-based Regenerative Medicine and Cell based therapies consultant Dr Vikram Pabreja, who had come to Bhopal only in connection with this particular patient, told The Pioneer that the hospitals in Bhopal are still not quipped with the infrastructure needed to the stem cell therapy.

The therapy was performed on a 70-year-old Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patient. The patient suffering from lung infection was undergoing treatment in the hospital. The intervention used the patient’s stem cells to contribute to lung tissue regeneration and protection. Dr Pabreja told, “Through the therapy we hope to balance lung tissue and suppression of inflammation. Patient will be monitored for reparative growth and results would be indicative in a few days.” He further said that the patient suffers from interstitial lung disease and a lung transplant was ruled out. In such a condition, stem cell treatment is a very viable option.

Akshay hospital’s Dr Deepak Chaturvedi informed that the patient is on continuous oxygen support with severe pulmonary disorder. Today was the first stage of intervention. Stem Cells are the fountainhead of all mature cells in the body. They retain the ability to self-renew and differentiate into variety of different tissues and when placed in the appropriate micro-environment, they can potentially open up new vistas in the field of regenerative medicine.