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NOIDA, India, April 2, 2018/PRNewswire/ –“I am thankful to you, at least you guys are trying to put an end to this disease,” said Mr. Jagjit Singh, to the entire team of Advancells. Mr. Jagjit Singh is a vibrant young professional, who experienced the harsh realities of Dementia and loss of mobility in a very hard way. More than 10 years ago, his father was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative condition called Dementia.

His son admits that…..

It was truly a blessed day when he began searching for possible treatment options for his father’s condition and reached Advancells. Since he wants his father to be fairly independent for the road ahead; he made the decision to trust Advancells. In his preliminary consultation with medical experts, he could agree that his dad began to show signs of memory loss about 10 years ago at the age of 60 years. Initially, there were subtle signs, like repeated questions, confusion, irritation, and memory loss; but in later days, he slowly lost his ability to talk full sentences and let his needs be known.

What had happened to Mr. Jagtej Singh?

The human brain is noted to be the most powerful of all our possessions. You will completely agree with the statement, once you will know some of the truly stupendous facts of our brain’s functional capacity. It needs the fifth fraction of all the energy generated by our body, even in its resting stage. You can compare it with a 20-watt bulb, which is continuously glowing! Astonishingly, this small organ weighing just 3 lb contains around 12 trillion brain cells that are approximately two and a half times the people on this planet. Such a dense forest of about 100 billion networking neurons with 1500 branches; making a total of about 1 trillion connections can process around 30 billion bits of information each second!

As the research puts it, “Not even the universe with its all countless billions of galaxies represents greater complexities than a single human brain.”

However, just like a lively ecosystem slowly begins to go silent in case of drought; dense networking of the brain starts to tangle, reducing the electrical activity and causing the brain cells to shrivel and die in case of a neurodegenerative disorder, Dementia or Alzheimer.

This is what Mr. Jagtej Singh was suffering with! He underwent stem cell therapy with Advancells that took his own mesenchymal stem cells, to be processed outside his body in a clean laboratory for further enrichment and returned them back in his body. These re-engineered stem cells could differentiate into multiple brain cells that can replace the dead cells to fill in the gaps and complete networking.

Miraculously, six days post stem cell therapy, Mr. Singh has undergone amazing recovery. He is now able to eat food on his own. His speech is reported to be clearer and his body movements are now smoother, easy and well controlled.

Back then the family admitted being guilty of not providing this treatment in his early decline and has urged the team of Advancells to offer more public awareness and information about how to handle those afflicted by Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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