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About Advancells

To cater the need of better Stem Cell Research in India, Advancells was set up in 2013. It is a research-based company which focuses on providing cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapies for patients with life-threatening diseases and also targets lifestyle diseases with anti-aging technology. Advancells is a Stem Cell Therapy solution provider in India, delving into the field of stem cell therapies. Breaking the stereotype regarding stem cell companies that most often offer arrangements for stem cell banking, Advancells focuses purely on stem cell therapy. Advancells is consistently upgrading technology by introducing more and more innovations not only in areas of cell technology but also in preparing body for transplants and innovative delivery mechanisms. Advancells uses various Autologus sources such as Bone Marrow, Adipose Tissue, Dental Pulp etc, to extract stem cells for a patient and then design protocols for these cells to be re injected back In patient for therapeutic uses.

The company’s services begin with the assessment of a case followed by the explanation of the protocol, risks and rewards to the patient in detail. The treatment is carried put at a partner multi specialty hospital while cells are processed at a state of the art lab. Later, the team at Advancells follows up with the patient for the post-treatment procedures. Stem cells have the potential to intervene in all medical conditions. The key areas that Advancells deals in are neurological conditions, orthopedics, chronic kidney diseases, COPD and other lung diseases, liver diseases, cardiology, autoimmune disorders, ophthalmology diseases, infertility and cosmetic procedures.

The company charges a package price from the patients, inclusive of all services. The transplant is performed by contracted doctors at a pre-negotiated rate.

Advancells Customer Base

Advancells has acquired a large base of patients through its online and offline marketing tactics and also through references from doctors, hospitals, physiotherapy centres, and special schools etc. Currently Advance Cells receives close to 200 patients queries a month.

Funding Requirements And Plans

Advancells is growing at a rapid pace and the company needs a fresh infusion of funds to expand both in technology and in marketing. They need to expand into different cell lines and therefore need to invest heavily not just in equipping the lab with the latest and best resources available in the world, but also need to hire talent to lead them into the new areas. Apart from that the company plans to invest in branding and marketing initiatives by increasing their exposure into offline marketing strengthening their positioning in the online and social media space. The company needs to procure various technologies pertaining to different cell delivery mechanisms, pre and post transplant patient preparation protocols etc which will also need funds.

The company is planning to establish their own OPD and procedure facility soon in Noida. Once ready, it will become the center of Advancells activities and a center for excellence in regenerative medicine space.

Advance Cells is also looking to tie up with more doctors and institutes across the country to expand their reach pan India. The company plans to invest more in updating the technology and keeping inline with the latest developments happening in the stem cells world around the world. The company is also going to start a research wing where they can test and calibrate new delivery methods for cells to the body.

In addition to it, the company is also planning to schedule a few outstation CME (Continued Medical Education) sessions to educate more and more physicians about Stem Cell therapy. The company is therefore looking forward to raise its first round of funds and is working towards it.

Advance Cells – Future Plans

The company believes that with the funding they will not just be able to maintain their position as leaders in this space but stretch it further by becoming a one stop solution provider for regenerative medicine. This will not only effect their clients as they will be able to subscribe to the best technology and solutions in the world but also help the company in expanding both top line and bottom line many folds.

Stem Cells Research and Regenerative medicine is a rapidly expanding and transforming field. Technologies are getting upgraded constantly and new frontiers are being breached on almost a daily basis. In such scenario it is important to keep consistently investing in technology to keep ahead of others and be able to provide the best solutions for patients.