Tying the knot of known with unknown: diabetes and COVID19 

Diabetes is a chronic condition associated with several secondary complications. Impaired immune-response to infection is one such complication due to which diabetes patients are always at increased risk of infections including influenza and now coronavirus. Even obesity, hypertension and kidney diseases which are another risk factor in diabetes patients makes them vulnerable for coronavirus infection. Taken all together, patients with diabetes are a high-risk and complicated group of patients to treat for COVID19, with an increased requirement of hospitalisation. Patients with diabetes need intensive attention to reduce the risk of fatalities. Patients with diabetes should follow the general prevention advice given by the authorities thoroughly to avoid infection with COVID-19. In this webinar we will learn more about the association of diabetes and COVID19 and required treatment modalities to tackle this combination. 

Presented By Dr Sachin Kadam, PhD(Stem Cell Biology) Post-Doct, The John Hopkins University, USA. Dr Sachin is one of the most prominent personality in Stem Cell biology and Regenerative therapy. He also has specialization in stem cell therapy from India’s premier institute National Center for Cell Sciences.

Webinar Date: June, 2 2020

Webinar Time: 1:00 To 1:30 P.M. IST ( Indian Standard Time )

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